Monday, May 2, 2011

Continuing on... Dreadknights

So... Looking over Dread Knights... what do I think?

Honestly? I think it doesn't fit... but lets look this over and figure out why I feel that.

If you have your codex's on you take a second to look over this thing.

Its a four wound monstrous creature with a 2+/5++ for 170pts

I might want to add that he doesn't even have the cool teleporter that makes him work.

Its guns, while cool looking, arent worth a dime cause this is a close combat dude,

seriously, every model in my army has a storm bolter or psycannon and they want me to buy a Gattling Psilancer? I hope that's a joke ^_^. It isn't? Well...

He doesn't even have enough attacks to reliably kill a tactical squad in two turns. That's Bad, really bad. The usefulness of creatures like him are to charge squads, kill half, then sweep the squad in your opponent's battle phase and then charge something next turn. In my calculations he can kill squads by my next battle phase, leaving him in the open to be shot.

God forbid he gets caught in combat with gaunts, orks, or stubborn guard.

Now just to drive my point home lets see what I could use him for...

Alpha Striker: With a Grand Master I can push him into your face on turn one and assault you. Problem with this though any smart opponent will be ready for this and at most you will be smashing a rhino, then you will die. Honestly, Interceptors do this job better because they have 24" psycannons and str 8 or 10 deamon hammers. They can possibly shoot open transports and then charge. DreadKnights I don't see having that chance and then they are left out in the open, waiting to die.

Close Combat Monster: Its a Nurgle Deamon Prince, I'm pretty sure people are capable of stopping this thing. If this cant even beat thunder/shield terminators reliably...well I don't think it deserves the label of Assault Specialist. It can fight in assault, but for its cost it sure isn't a Mephiston or a Vect...That's for sure.

"Shoot ME" distraction unit: A friend of mine wants to use his as a distraction unit for his army and while he is playing a vehicle heavy army that sounds like a great idea, all the heavy weapons aiming at him instead of your dreadnoughts and vehicles...wait... this thing has no good long range guns, its only dangerouse up close. Of course the enemy wont fall for that. At most he might move some units around so your 200+pt monster can only smash small pointless units. Again, nobody's afraid of a deamon prince, even if he has a 2+ save. This guy even has to work hard to get a cover save If you want a good distraction unit and are already spending 200 pts pay up 25 more and get a Terminator squad with Psycannon. That's five 2+/5++ wounds with a real gun and great combat powers. Deep strike it turn two where the enemy doesn't want it, In cover as well, and now you have a scary target that the opponent wants to get rid of. You can even go to ground.

Objective guarder/seizer: Ok, so I'm going to take a 175pt HQ to make my 205pts Dreadknight, which is too big to get cover most of the time, to go babysit an objective instead of a 220pt unit of 10 Grey Knights with 2 psycannons. Someones going to try this and honestly I dont see it working out as they planned. People can be ready for this, I know I would be.

Last turn objective denial: Intercepters can do this better for half the cost, really, its not that hard. There is even a smaller foot print to help them get close to the objective. Try maneuvering the DreadKnights base around , yeah, not going to happen.

Now I don't want to poo poo my readers, this is my opinion and I personal believe that it isn't the best. Will I get one someday? Most likely, when I figure out how to make it not look like a kangaroo pouched terminator.


  1. Agree on all points.

    Everytime i see lists with a DK with teleporter and a Grandmaster, i know why i allways try to get some bubblewarp.

    Also you forgott one point GK Rifleman Dreads; they are just so f'ing good.

  2. Oh yeah, that should be a point.
    Didn't even think of that ^_^.