Sunday, May 15, 2011

A short story...

A bit of fluff courtesy of my friend Pete, the Pissed off Plague Marine

"So the Grey Knights are ridiculous, have you read there background? Man did Matt Ward have a fun time with this.

So there is this planet and a weird, red, what do you call it? A Minotaur? Yes a Minotaur, but with giant wings, lots of skulls and blood. 

So it woke up on some random planet with some random name and it started to leak blood, but not just a little, not even Monty Python like, but like a river of blood. It was like The Day After Tomorrow just with blood instead of water.

Now this wasn't any ordinary blood but cracked up blood that if it touches you makes you flip out and get all killy on anything around you. People just turned into raving blood druggies and started butchering all the not druggy guys and the blood just kept flowing from this blood thirster/ minotaur guy.

Now the Sisters of battle were on the planet, but since Matt Ward didn't write their old codex they sucked and were too weak to fight off the hoard of blood. Many of them became blood druggies and there were but a few left to defend whatever they were doing. 

But its okay, they did their job in waiting for the Grey Knights to come in and take the credit.

Now the Grey knights didn't want to become crackers but still had to fight the Blood Minotaur at the bottom of now an ocean of blood. So they did the only thing they could, they kill the sisters that weren't druggies yet, covered themselves in their blood and set themselves of fire.

 Yes, this was the most rational method. 

So, with flaming blood covered armor they marched into the blood ocean, did their Grey Knight things, kill the Minotaur and save the day. 


Yeah, there are times when fluff just isn't good enough, needs more skulls and blood. ^_^

This is a short interlude for me as I bought my first box of Grey Knight Terminators and am now in the process of building them. More to come...

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  1. Just built my Paladin/Terminator unit today - have to say its such a gorgeous kit.