Monday, December 6, 2010

Razorback conversion

Lasplas never looked so evil.

Heres how I did my razorback conversion for Chaos.
I took one side of a lascannon from the sprue and one side of the heavy bolter and mixed them together.
The Heavy Bolter had the head of the gun removed and filed down along with the back,
A chaos knight shield was added on top and a peice of plasticard tubing was placed at the front of the Heavy bolter to represent some early pre heresy weapon which is the twin linked Plasma gun.

I attached them to the turret from the Ageis defense line for this one here but you can use the normal turret piece as well.

Hope this helps you guys as it was incredibly easy for me and I suck at modeling.


  1. Thanks for explaining how you made this conversion, that looks really good and especially with the chaos shield on top. Very cool!

  2. I like em fella - I am currently trying to magnetise mine up, but those certainly fit your army.

    Is that your techmarine on the otherside of the razor?

  3. Nah, that's some guy that I have hanging out the door that is open on that side. Kind of like the raiders for the Dark Eldar, I just came up with that Idea before gamesworkshop did. Makes transporting the model a nightmare but what do you do?

    Nice to see you around here bully.

  4. Was going to ask Grim, do you have any issues with people moaning about weapon destroyed results on it and not being able to remove the las or plasma?

    Though I prefer this style of lasplas (I have a similar set up, but non-chaotic) but it does force me to argue with a few muppets about how its 2 weapon systems.

  5. I just place a dice with a 3 pointed up on the side of the weapon that was destroyed. Haven't played the army enough to meet anyone who would actually moan about something like that. Would probably laugh at that.


    Some of my WIP on the painting side Grim.