Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chaos Crashers

Imperial Propaganda for the Win!

Well, I thought I would go over the Assassins today and see what has changed and what has become better or worse.

OVERVEIW: For people just getting into the game the background is incredibly lame. Assasins were always one of the cooler, darker, and mysteriose forces in the Imperium. Their strange Temples, Administrative monopolies, and increadible influence made them an amazing and colorful unit to have in your army. Now, for some reason, they decided to ditch all the grim dark and make them all heroes like the Grey Knights. They even make one reference that the different kinds come from different temples...hows a new person suppose to even know what a temple is?

The fluff is just bad, If you like assassins you have to now search for all the cool stuff about their fluff in other places. It's like they were a half-effort, so sad. I was looking forward to those two pages being a dark contrast to the noble Grey Knights, the opposite of the Grey Knights in every way.

As I Feel that this is a great Tragedy for the background here is some of their Fluff: Assassinorum

One quick thing to note though for these guys are that they are small, one model units. They are easy to hide with the True Line of Sight if you take the time to think about it. As such I am taking into account in the case of some that they will be able to hide behind vehicles or small pieces of terrain (because they can) and my opinions are formulated through this medium .

 Now to see what I think about these guys...In temple order.

A women you do not want to throw herself into your arms
Remember how awesome this lady was last codex, she was able to be really scary. Now she sucks mostly.

Biggest shame was the C'tan Phase Sword, man that thing was cool.

Honestly, she was perfect just the way she was, stupid GW.  


Now, I'm not saying she's terrible, just not as good as she once was.

I would like to point out she is increadibly annoying to heavy weapons teams like devastators and Long Fangs as she can pop up, wound a bunch of them, dance into cover (which she has to take a dangerous terrain test for due to here deep strike nature) and let the enemy respond. If they shoot her she has a 3++ or a 2++ if she dives for cover. They could assault her, but she wants them to do that as they are usually a small 5 man unit. She then assaults and moves on, hopefully distracting the opponent from kill the rest of your stuff.

She isn't bad, for 145pts you have another annoying toy to play with.

His metal hair is assaulting you

Here is an interesting character. This one is all about psykers. His gun is perfect for a Grey Knights army, Just surround him with Grey Knights and he will have a billion shots and... (reads page 21: Brotherhood of Psykers)...@#$%!!!

Ok, so he isn't that awesome with Grey Knights but he can join an Inquisitorial army and let loose streams of death if you take a squad or two of Psykers. It costs a lot of points but if you want psykers laying down str 10 blasts all the time, well you might as well have him as well. to body guard them.

Overall you have to build a list around him, that can be a hassle but it is funny to nail a squad of Terminators with 16 st 5 AP2 shots that hit on twos with re-rolls.

He is one angry druggie
  Allright this guy sucks. I'm sorry for the abrupt rudness but the truth hurts sometimes.

He has no transport, no infiltrate, no cool "I'm really your best Friend" special rules and really anything more than just a couple more attacks.

If he had a small one man drop pod that he could assault from and Hit and Run we could be talking... untill that happens, nothing.

Moving on...

He sees you when your sleeping, he knows when your awake...
This guy is without a doubt my favorite. No question about it. Ever other Assassin has either been changed, or made less powerful. This guy is the only one that is actually better. One of my friends loves the model and was ecstatic at the simple change of being able to shoot multiple rounds.

You have about 6 shots with him if the enemy leaves him alone some thoughts of mine on the bullet types.

Helfire: Yes, I would love to kill that one meltagun/Heavy weapon dude. Scary power weapon dude? now he is gone.

Shield Breaker: Dark  Eldar Archons aren't invincible anymore... the peasants rejoice. Seriously there is some value to this awesome bullet.

Turbo Penetrator: Nobs? What Nobs? Land Raiders? What Land Raiders? You get the Idea.

Big tip though: If you are taking him, take a Techpriest to bolster the building he is in, helps a lot. Again he makes an awesome distraction if  you need him to be. Honestly the funnest model of all four if the enemy leaves him be for the duration of the game.

Overall I like most of the Assasins. They arent the best models but they have their uses. (except Eversor)

What are your thoughts? It's nice to see that you guys are enjoying these articles. I'll try to keep them coming.


  1. I am still consider taking an Eversor as a counter charge unit to dislodge squads/ic's from dreads. He can hide behind Rhino Hulls and charge what is left walking through the hail of SB/Psycannon/Psibolter shots.

    When you have setup your midfield base (which for would consists of 4 GKSS Squads with RBacks/Ven Dreads and some Rifles a bit behind that he is a nifty lil' whirlwind of I7 power weapon attacks.

  2. You see though At 130pts I would rather pay a little more and take a squad of Purifiers with Psycannons and halberds.

    The problem with the Eversor is that other units can already throw around high Initiative attacks.

    The other Assassins add something new to the army. He does not. That is a big reason I dislike him.

  3. A squad of purifiers is harder to hide and to maneuver through the midfield bunkers. Also they would require a transport of some sorts which puts the point difference at ~50.

    I also have to admit, i have a soft spot for the little fucker since 2nd ed when he was a pure bad ass ripping everyone from Abaddon over Dante to a full equipped Hive Tyrant a new one.