Monday, May 9, 2011

Justicar Thawn?

Hey, so anybody have any opinions of Thawn.

Personally, for an army that likes to go second I think he's awesome.

Just like the Divine Intervention list,

Lets see though what you get.

First things first though, his cost. Its actually rather high for his stat line. For 115pts I get a guy that has one more weapon skill, Psychic mastery (2), and a useful ability to stand back up.

Here is how he fits into my list.

HQ: Inquisitor w Force Weapon and Psychic Communion                                          55pts

HQ: Inquisitor w Force Weapon and Psychic Communion                                          55pts

Troops: 9 Terminators; 2 w hammer, 2 w psycannon and Halbred, 5 with Halberds 550pts
          Justicar Thawn, Brotherhood Banner

Troops: 10 Terminators; 2 w hammer, 2 w psycannon and Halbred, 6 with Halberds 450pts

Troops: 10 Terminators; 2 w hammer, 2 w psycannon and Halbred, 6 with Halberds 450pts

Fast Attack: 10 Interceptors with 2 psycannons, Justicar with hammer                       290pts

Total                                                                                                                        1850pts

There, the perfect amount to bump my list to 1850. Why take him? because think of all the useful tricks you can do with him.

1. Allocate a wound to him and watch him die. If it is early in the game, he will be back and when he comes back he becomes his own scoring unit. He's a troop choice remember.Think of how annoying he will be for my opponents. They blast him to death on turn six only for him to stand up on my bottom and claim/contest an objective.

2. Have him join up his 10 man squad, drop down and proceed to smash anything that gets near you. 5 terminators are ok in close combat, 10 fearless terminators though are terrifying.

3. Distract the enemy by dropping him literally into the enemy lines Make him and his buddies priority number one for the opponent. After they waste his squad (hopefully buying the rest of your army time to fire away) The prospect of Thawn getting up will always be a problem. And as he can always keep standing up, a problem that doesn't go away.

Overall I will definitely be testing him out and seeing what will come of it. Great chance to model an awesome looking character. I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Nice list - Firstly I think your spot on - Interceptors are just perfect in foot lists - they are exactly the mobility you need for a foot list to be effective - despite not being scoring - it makes them that much more expendable.

    Thrawn - I quite like the dude - he's a pain in the ass guy - like you say - allocate wounds onto him and watch people get peaved lol.

    I am still thoroughly undecided on my GK list - I do think I'll run the codex - and I am really getting inspiration from your foot lists - I might go with an "un-optimal" but cool Mordrak list,

    He's not an unterrible way to get your inqusitor in (damn good protection as you can assign wounds onto mordrak and make more babies lol) - though there is the risk they get stuck alone lol.

  2. I thought about Mordrak, but my list focuses on coming in latter rather than earlier.

    And until I can afford enough vehicle reliably to play a mech list it's all foot lists for now.

    I have 5 predators and 4 Razorbacks painted Blood Red. I dont want to make any more. ^_^

  3. Thrawn is a evil guy, the bottom turn revive can be a real pain for the enemy. Should work very good with your "Terminator Drop" list

    "10 fearless terminators though are terrifying."

    By RAW he does not hand out fearless to the unit as he is not an IC.