Friday, March 18, 2011

What do you think is Pre Heresy???

This is nice!

Now  Here are a couple of questions I would like to hear your opinions on.

One: When you think of a Pre Heresy army what do you visualy envision? Do you want to see a themed list with only one type of units like an all Terminator army or would you rather a smorgasbord of colorful yet theme less army with as many different units as possible?

Two: The entire army will be in most cases wysiwyg but the question is how far should a person go with his counts as Pre Heresy army? This can be taken any way you want.

Three: Would using a Pre Heresy Dreadnought as a Dread Knight be going to far with the Counts As?

Four: When you think of the Pre Heresy Thousand Sons what do you envision if you fought one at a GT? What units would you expect and what kind of models would knock your socks off.

If you take the time to write your responses below it would be great.

As a word on my own projects I have a Tank body which will be built into a Pre Heresy Land Raider (just need to get a certain kind of Glue for it) and I will have two Scarab Occult Terminators painted and ready soon and will get pictures up soon.


  1. 1 - My vision is always "simple" units - not over burdened with details (other than paint) I.E not tons of stuff dropping of them - looking quite gritty - sort of how a "prototype" would look. As for the "theme" - you read about all the stories where a squad of terminators supports a squad of special weaps and a captain and his strike team, like 17 guys total or something, so a mixed/balanced army is perfectly understandable. Also remember that the legions fought in TONS of skirmishes and battles, they wouldn't arbitrarily send in a certain unit because thats "the way it was" - they'd send what was best for the job or send in what was available (often this was the case I think).

    2 - I think its entirely up to the person - the paint scheme is fine - I love the preherey "traitor" legion paint scheme's (or some of them) - you can start putting in forge world - for example the heavy weapons / special weapon sprue is pretty decent price. Going all out for the marines themselves - its the sort of thing I'd do probably, but not required I don't think.

    3 - I think that is a stretch on a count as purely due to size, unless you did something like a large banner to make the height the same and said to the opponent that LOS is from the banner, not the top of the hull. Last thing you want is to be modeling for advantage - dreadknights weakness is their size as well - so just fielding an much smaller base + model would tick some guys off. If you model'd the dread to be a bit bigger (bigger base, rise him up with some scenery, make him wider and taller, maybe a banner or something as well) then I'd have no problems - as long as the dimensions were ROUGHLY right - I.E your not losing 1" each side and 1" from the top or something.

    4 - I am not at 1000 Sons books yet unfortunately (my reading catalogue is huge, and the GW books are fillers atm when I have a spare few days) - but from what I remember from the old school days and general "knowledge" - I envision these sizeable squads of psykers banded together - pretty much the grey knights lol. I think unit wize - I'd love to see the unit champion dynamically "psychically" posed, looking like he's about to unleash the powers of his mind. I think I'd like to see something running through the army that gave that sense of the "brotherhood of psykers" type thing, I'll think more on this though.

  2. 1& 2: My vision is as yours for this codex. But i think sticking more so the sacred numbers and such would be better in MHO. I know with the List you want to get the most out of your army but I'm more of a Fluff person when creating this list.
    As far as the theme is concerned it should be as close to what you originally were going for. Like Reaper cannons to represent Psycannons and the such.

    3: Im using the Dread Knight as a Knight Titan. Many legions used them including the 1k Sons. So i say give that a try for the Dread Knight.

    4: If you could face the army at GT making everything as close to Fluff representatives as possible. as well as the Knight titan i already mentioned.

  3. Mate I write over on, and I'm also posing this question. I play in the Aussie Tournament scene fairly heavily, and I'm actually going to be using a converted Khorne Blood Slaughterer as a dreadknight (on a base scenic enough to correct its height deficiency.) As to your questions, I think sticking to a theme is important, but so is maintaining a competitive army - I'm personally steering clear of purifers and the like, and going terminator heavy. WYSIWIG is a must I feel, for tourney play, essential. Regards the dreadknight - its a MC, therefor you need to make sure the size is about right, hence my prior comment about mounting it on a suitable sized base. As for knocking socks off.... well I'm not modelling any psycannons on, they will all be dudes throwing lightning or fireballs. :) Just some thoughts.

  4. I'm pretty sure the Thousand sons used robots in the Horus Heresy book. I see no problems with a counts as dread knight.

  5. One: I think of the "Collected Visions" art, the Forge World pre-heresy kits, the stereotypes of the early marks, no eagles unless they're on Emperor's Children. I see smorgasbord, just because of the scale of the heresy, combined arms of all types.

    As an aside, since you're doing 1ksons, the eagles could be used to represent falcons, ibises, what have you that's theme appropriate. If your greenstuff skills are up to it, it does provide a host of conversion opportunities.

    Two: I'm sure there's a point at which I would say, "Oh yeah, *that's* too far," but I can think of it off the top of my head.

    Three: I think, since there's an actual model to compare it too, the dreadnought to the dreadknight, that you're suddenly constrained by trying to achieve something as close in scale as is possible. You'd almost have to start with a contemptor to get something close to the right height, for example.

    Four: I'd expect something modeled and wysiwyg'd accordingly to correspond with, off the top of my head, the Grey Knights, or Chaos codices. As SneakyDan mentioned, fireballs in place of psycannon would go both a ways toward "knocking my socks off," and satisfying the wysiwyg requirement.

    How I'm approaching a similar project;

    World Eaters are my legion of choice, and I've just chosen to spend a silly amount of money with the folks at Forge World over the last year or so accumulating the pieces for it. I've got about half of what I want, but then again I am definitely going the smorgasbord route. Currently about 2.5k points assembled and mostly painted, another 750 or so still in the packaging.

    I've chosen the Forge World kits mostly because they're fantastic straight out of the box, don't require a lot of conversion time, all the obvious reasons really. I am not a sculptor by any extent of the imagination. So, greenstuff is simply for gaps and the like in my world.

    Codices that will work with what I've assembled, are Blood Angels and Chaos. I've built the lists with the CSM dex, but I've always planned this as a long term project to be ready about the time the next chaos 'dex dropped, and everything's pointing to that as before horribly long now. There are a lot of obvious parallels in the BA dex that I could use. The apothecaries Forge World debuted recently might cause me to take advantage of that, but if I were to take it to a tournament, definitely chaos dex.

    Why? I've chosen to go the mid-heresy route with this army. Bezerkers feature in it, and while I could have them be Death Company counts as, I'm just sorta ambivalent on the subject. I'd have no issues playing against it mind you, but my tournament army is, and has been, Space Wolves. So, it's not like I lack for competitive options.

    The 12th legion project is more my, I really enjoy the fluff army. Currently, everything in it is red and brass, but I have some test figures lined up so I can learn how to do an effective white, blue, and blood spattered color scheme. The goal is to try and get the whole transition from Warhounds, to World Eaters, to Khornate World Eaters represented over the entire army. It's very much a work in progress though. Who knows how it will turn out?

    tldr: from what it sounds like, can't spot a thing wrong with what you're planning.