Friday, February 18, 2011

Round Three... Storm Ravens

This was the most interesting list. It almost won the tournament as well. At the last round all he needed was to not roll a one on a difficult terrain check for the Death company dreadnought which unfortunatly the dice gods decided to side with his enemy.

This list came straight out of Left Field, I didnt see it coming.

HQ: Chaplain w combi melta

Troop: 9 Death Company (a mesh of Fists and P-Weapons)

Troop: Death Company Dreadnought with Talons

Elite: Furioso Dreadnought

Storm Raven w Multi melta, Assault Cannons, and Blood Missiles (Held a lone furioso)

Storm Raven w Multi melta, Assault Cannons and Blood Missiles (held Death company models)

Look at it for a second... he has no scoring units. So how did he win the First Game? Oh yeah, he tabled his first opponent, Guard, the only guy who had more vehicles than me. The second game he tabled a Chaos army. And now I had to smack him... or at least thought I could.

This game had both of us making big mistakes and paying for it but I'll explain that in a moment.

It was Annihilation/ pitched battle and he won to deploy first. I held my army in reserve. He took his first two turns to move right into the center of my lines, literally back to back and waited for me. I rolled for my tanks and got all but a baal. I was just going to move onto the board, shoot the Ravens and run the hell away,  that was my game plan. Then my dice failed and I only killed the Death company Raven. ( Damn the Dice God's!!!) He responds by getting out of the ravens and rushing out to try to kill my stuff. He killed the baal, one predator and tore the Lascannons off of the Razor backs. He forgot to charge the Dreads though. That was his mistake.

My turn I made a mistake. I got the last baal and should have just ran away from his list, killing the raven and popping the dreads from a distance for the win. I though I was hot stuff though and decided to try my luck. The furioso was on one side of the board while the Death Company models were on the other, I got my melta gun guys out of their razor backs and opened fire. two melta guns hit, two penetrate, roll a 1 and a 2. All I did was tear an arm off and condemn one of my assault squads to die. I did kill the Raven though. On his turn the dread ate the squad. I responded by finaly shooting the thing dead and by then the game ended on turn 5.

A draw...

It was a good game though, I really didnt expect this at all. It has the punch to kill stuff and at 1000pts gives alot of armies hard times shooting down armor 12 anti melta flyers...then the Dreads and the Company eat you.

And about the Storm raven model... well I think having one on the board looks like a flying piece of Thunderhawk crap. Two though...that makes it look a little better I have to say, I think three would look obnoxious though. Just saying.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Round two and why battle pointless games are better.

Well after my first turn round I was able to get my stuff together, grab a pepsi (the fuel I live on) and go play my second round opponent. He was 12 and just started to play 40k maybe 3 months ago. His list was something like this.

HQ: Chaplain w Jumpack and combi melts

5 Sanguinary guard w 1 powerfist and chapter banner.

5 Assault Marines with power fist

5 Death company w Lamartes and Thunder hammer.

5 scouts with snipers and a missile launcher

You know that feeling when you just dont want to upset a child, yeah, that was me. I even felt it coming from the regulars at the store. Here I was, a random player who showed up randomly, playing the newest young customer who barely knew what he was doing. It was a setting for disaster. In that battle force style army I saw my next victory, no way to escape that. But I also saw in those young eyes, excited to play with his favorite models that he so prided himself on, I saw myself.

I remember the first few games I played in 4-5 years ago. I played Foot Eldar. (wow such memories) Oh how I loved setting up my favorite models, wraithlords, dark reapers, and swooping hawks. I had such aspirations in my first tournament. One game against a jerk threw me right off track. It was a battle points game and all he wanted was the extra 5pts for his overall score and tabled me by turn four. However there was no battle points in this tourney, the game was capture and control / Dawn of War, I resolved to make the new recruit have a good time, and learn some lessons.

He won to deploy first, then set his Death Company, assault squad, and Chaplain forward. I in turn didn't deploy to his amazement. I explained how It profited my mech army to be able to advance as one in the first turn and I didn't want to strand my troops in front of his models. Turn one he advanced and his Sanguinary guard were running after them. I zoomed into perfect position for the next turn blood bath. I explained the importance of cover and what to expect with my guns. He had resolved to punch my tanks in with Fists and Hammers. He moved forward and prepared to take the fight to me. My turn was a laying down of fire power that saw most of the units burn. Lamartes and his thunderhammer buddy, the Chaplain, and the Power Fist San guard were left. He had his chance.

Turn two he fired into one of the predators with his sniper scouts and actually killed a predator with a bullet to the fuel gauge. Wow, didn't see that coming. The Thunder Hammer shook a baal and the Chaplain popped a razorback with the combi melta. That was great! I gave the kid a High Five and many of the older players praised the kid for the amount of carnage raged against a tank army using only powerfists. A number of my tanks moved fast as well. It was a lucky shot that made it not a one sided death fest.

How my tanks were in charge range I'll just never know *wink* 

The next turn I killed the few models left in my half and he only had an assault squad for the rest of the game ending with me holding my objective and contesting his.

Now if that was a Battle point game I cant say for certain how nice I would have been able to be for the sake of the overall score. Now that this game was only a win, lose or draw game I was able to teach the kid and have a fun time with him. Instead of making the kid hate that game he had a lot of fun... and I didn't feel like a jerk. Win, Win I guess.

Monday, February 14, 2011

First game and the tourny set up.

Well i'll go over how my Blood Mech performed. Before that some idea of how the event went down.

The tables were 4'X4' which I have to say is a wonderful set up for a 1000pt game. It allowed people to be agressive and kept most armies if fireing range from each other.

The tournament organizer was great. He was well versed in the rules and settled matters quickly and efficiently. all of the missions for each round were rolled by him in front of all the players so it was a bunch of fun rule book missions. The downside was that we had 11 players and the computer system made the odd man out count as getting a win which led to scoring problems at times. The scoring was as follows:

A win is 2 points
A draw is 1 point
A lose is 0 points

It wasnt the best way to play it out, I know because I won two games and drew two games and tied for 2nd with two other people. But it was a learning experience and I think the next tournament they will adopt a win/lose format where draws will be decided by victory points. That would work better. I however wasnt just interested in winning but testing out my Blood Mech so let me get to the battle report.

I have no pictures, still looking for a good camera...

First game was against a beautiful Imperial Fist army. The list looked like this.

Chapter Master w Powerfist

Tactical squad with flamer/ lascannon
Razorback with Heavy Bolter

Tactical squad with Plasma gun/ lascannon

5 Devestators 4 with missile launchers


Tri las Predator

We were playing a 5 objective game on spearhead with a piece of terrain in each quadrant and I happened to have a bastion in my quarter (bastions were in play for the tourney...yes they made the games interesting)

The 4 objective were scattered about with the fifth one scattered 3d6 in a random direction from the center.

He won to deploy first and huddled his army into his quarter in terrain. He was holding two objective from the start as the middle objective landed right next to his (oh joy). I deployed huddled up behind the bastion with the Predators and Razorbacks. Baals were deployed to scout into the quarter next to me hiding behind some terrain.

He had first turn and I had 5 lascannons, 4 missiles, 1 Orbital strike, and one demolisher cannon. I only had one predator immobilized (darn it) though it could still see half his army with the autocannon.

My second turn had my army start its 6 inch march. with my baals flanking him and my predator and razorbacks moving parallel to the enemy he was caught in a crossfire that saw, his predator, devastators, and the demolisher cannon blown off the vindicator.

His next turn saw him try and break out with the razor back and rush the weaponless demolisher onto one of the objectives I was aiming for. I responded by blowing the razorback up and melta the vindicator. After that it was just a few more turns of my tanks eating the remaining combat squads. I felt bad as he just couldn't hurt my baals with the lascannons he put so much faith in. His army was tabled by turn 5 from the preds and the razorbacks which were dropping 3 ap2 shots a turn. My army literally just ate him. I walked out with the win.

I found the scouting Baals gave my opponent something to worry about and gave me a lot of the firing lanes I so desperately needed. The fast vehicles are totally worth the 15pts army wide, the amount of flexibility is just amazing.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day...Bloody fist.

I had a wonderful time at the tourney. Instead of a 6 man event we ended up with 11 so it was a huge success!

I came in second place, along with two other people...bothersome draw system.

I won my first two games and by rather unlikly rolls drew the next two.

Still, for a guy who hasnt played 1000pts in over 2 years I gave a wonderful show for myself.

My army was voted the most efficient by the majority of the players there and it was all painted so I had fun.

I intend to write about the games and give you an Idea of what I liked and what I didn't.

My Blood mech played exactly like it was planned to. If the dice didnt fail me I would have taken first. But I still feel glad for second place... it was wonderful practice for me and I won a Dark Angel codex as my loot so I can plan my Deathwing. Good weekend indeed.

I also will right a segment on the list that won my respect in more ways then one.

I can give you a hint: The list flies.
So the next two games were unconditionaly abnoxious as I ended up drawing twice due to one roll in each game. For some reason I still ended up with second as three people tied for second and they split the prize. I now have a Dark Angels codex. So for the weekend it was successful.
Sent the Blood Angels home with a Bloody nose. Haha, I made a funny.
Tabled a Space Marine army for first game. Didnt lose a single vehicle.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Off I Go...

Here is the list I am taking to the Valentines Day massacre. Wish me luck my small readership.

HQ: Captain                                                                                             100pts  

5 Assault marines w melta gun                                                                   175pts
Las/plas Razorback w HK Missile

5 Assault marines w melta gun                                                                   175pts
Las/plas Razorback w HK Missile

Predator with Auto cannon, Heavy Bolters, HK Missile                             110pts

Predator with Auto cannon, Heavy Bolters, HK Missile                             110pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters, HK Missile                 155pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters, HK Missile                 155pts

I find the Hunter Killer missiles to be really useful for the first turn Alpha Strike, well see how it turns out.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

1500 Wings: fresh from the Logan

Bully wants to see how I would play Logan Wing at 1500pts...

Hard to say because at that level I try to use my Blood Mech.

But at least lets see what I can come up with...

HQ Logan Grimnar 275pts
Elite: Wolf Scouts with melta gun,  85pts

Elite: Lone wolf, termi armor w C-Fist,S-Shield, 85pts

Elite: Lone wolf, termi armor w C-Fist,S-Shield, 85pts

Troop: 4 Wolf Guard, 1 Terminator w Cyclone-ML and C-Fist 150pts

Troop: 4 Wolf Guard, 1 Terminator w Cyclone-ML and C-Fist 150pts

Troop: 4 Wolf Guard 1 with combi melta, 1 Terminator w Cyclone-ML and C-Fist 155pts

Fast Attack: 1 Thunder Wolf w Wolf-Claw 70pts

Fast Attack: 1 Thunder Wolf w P-Fist and S-Shield 105pts

Fast Attack: 1 Thunder Wolf w P-Fist and S-Shield 105pts

Heavy Support: 5 Long Fangs, 4 Missile Launchers 115pts

Heavy Support: 5 Long Fangs, 4 Missile Launchers 115pts

Total: 1495

Not shabby at all, compared to my 1750 list I lose the following:

4 missile shots,

5 str 10 attacks,

1 scoring unit,

one *sniff* lone wolf,

What I have still in the list is:

14 missiles shooting at 7 targets,

6 close combat machines,

Wolf scout melta (Big change with some meltas to throw in front of a Landraider)

And not having Killpoint games starting out with the enemy +3 in his favor due to Lone Wolves. The less the points of the game, the less likely I will want to use Lone wolves as the enemy will have less stuff to kill them with.

I like it. I probably wont play it as I built the BloodMech as my 1500pt army but its OK and if forced it can still lay down the hurt on most armies.

... Is that a Wolf Claw on one of those Thunderwolves...Dear God I am turning into Purgatus!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Chaos Marines at 1000pts???

Well, before I get to helping Bully with his Logan Wing I might want to put this down while I have it on my mind.

HQ: Deamon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Wings

HQ: Deamon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Wings

Troop: 5 chaos marine in a rhino 

Troop: 5 chaos marine in a rhino 

Hvy: Defiler with close combat weapons

Hvy: Defiler with close combat weapons

Hvy: Defiler with close combat weapons

That should be 1000 give or take (friend borrowed my Chaos codex...)

Wow, Chaos actually throws down something I'm afraid of. This list beat down my Blood Mech rather eaisily. How so you ask? What is the target priority against this list?

Shoot the Deamon Prince and eat battle cannons for two turns and then get charged,

Shoot the Defilers, and have Deamon princes running through your lines,

Shoot the troops hiding in the back and watch the Defilers and Deamon princes kill you.

This list capitalized on the fact that most armies can only throw down a few rhinos, some fire support, and no uber death units. The battle cannons can wreak rhinos well enough and fry infantry. Deamon Princes absorb fire increasingly well because most list can only down one a turn. My Bloodmech got torn to pieces by this as even with all my predators I was only killing one prince a turn. This meant I was eating 6-9 Battle cannon templates before I could focus on the Defilers that fleeted and rushed my army. If I shot at the Defilers I then had the princes killing my tanks and I couldnt bring the fire to bear to kill them.

Deathwing makes this list cry but you can't beat everything with the CSM codex.

Well there's that. Time to get over how bad the Super Bowl commercials were this year, seriously peeved.

Friday, February 4, 2011

1000pts of Red HATRED...

 The guy who told me I needed 1000pts for the Valentines Day Massacre said I could bring the most mean 1000pts I could. Here is my attemp at being able to still play with my Tanks. There are two troops but I'm not worried about that as I am very sure this list can give anyone a hard time, Its fast and ferocious, like the hounds of Khorne himself...wait I just named the list.


HQ: Captain                                                                          100pts  

Techpriest with jumpack and combi melta                                60pts

5 Assault marines w melta gun                                                165pts
Las/plas Razorback

5 Assault marines w melta gun                                                165pts
Las/plas Razorback

Predator with Auto cannon, Heavy Bolters                             100pts

Predator with Auto cannon, Heavy Bolters                             100pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters                  145pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters                  145pts

This army play exactly like it looks, drive around and shoot to your hearts content. The techpriest is there to pop the one Land raider I just know I will be seeing at this event, though I might switch him out for Hunter Killer missiles on all the tanks just for the better Alpha Strike potential.

What does my small readership think?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Disappointment... is it ever so bitter..

Guess who just painted 6 tanks for nothing... THIS GUY!!!

They pulled a fast one on me for the Valentines Day Tournament I am going to.

Its now 1000pts... Good God... What is wrong there?

Now I have to Go back to the drawing board... again.

Who's ready for some 1000pt army lists for the Space wolves and Blood Angels...

not me