Thursday, November 15, 2012

Webway Raiders...

 Well, now we are into my side projects at the time. I started with Eldar by buying a box of Harlequins and have since fallen in love with them. The Death Jester now holds the position as my best painted model ever right now.

Look at them legs!

First clown, just amazing quality if I have to say so. Love the base and everything.

This one was my first attempt at freehand and it came out really well.

Its always smiling!

This guy is my best right now. I cant believe I was able to get a model to this level.

Its all a wonderful joke...a killing joke...

My farseer I'm working on... front


random warlock

his back

My wraith lord, I liked exploring the colors for this piece.

These guys are on a turning point. I am heavily tempted to make a Harlequin themed army out of this. It will be a fun force based of interesting tricks and honestly one of my favorite tricks in the entire game mechanics at the moment. Besides with 6th there is alot of ideas I could run with.

Tomorrow I will be going over a few side models here and there and future plans. Then I'll be introducing army lists and tactics and all that good stuff.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Angels Vermilion

Alright, here's a big one. My blood angels were painted over a semester with a little over the summer of this year. I have about 3000pts if I push it. I have a few toys, assault marines, landraiders, predators, razor backs, Dreadnoughts, and infantry, a good bunch of them.

They were painted a darker color of red as they were designed to be a more Gothic themed chapter, The Angels Vermilion  I like the darker theme and the vamperic influence woven into it. They are a chapter that holds one of the most exemplary battle record but keep out of contact with other imperial organizations. I hold that they suffer from the red thirst in silence, their mission holding them to purpose.

Enough of background, I'll come back to that later, here are the pictures with little mentions here and there. 

The army all together. I normaly play 1250-1500pts so I get to have all the toys.

My storm raven, note the vamperic flair. I built the back by myself with plastic card and built a vampire throne into it. 

My assault marines, bat wings... for the vampiric touch

My Razor Backs have all freehhand worked into them. This ones a dragon. The majority of my lists have at least 4 so they are important. 

Mr. Slashy, He is without a doubt my favorite model in the army and I have too many stories of his rampages... oh the dead models, everywhere. Mr slashy loves his job...

My other two Razorbacks, the thirds not done yet due to my lack of inspiration. These are the Angel and the Devil. Yes, the Twin Linked Assault Cannons are vulcan mega bolters... they look amazing on the table.

My Mephiston for a while... then my chaplain... then a librarian... then everything.

A five man squad made from Blood Angels and Dark Angels bits to give them the dark brotherhood feel to them.

Landraider... Being joined by a Crusader soon...

Added gun...

Painted Stormraven... 

A squad mate, a terminator from space hulk, and my Apothecary. 

Basic Assault Marine

Space Hulk Terminator


My leader again I adored this model when it came out and it was my first finecast model ever.

And there they are all. Nowadays I haven't finished an army but am working on a few projects which I will go over tomorrow starting with my Best of the Best. My Eldar.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Painting Recap Pt1 Grey Knights

When I last left you guys over a year ago I was working on my Grey Knights, well here they are!
The list is based on my Divine Intervention you can find all over the place on my blog and it worked wonders for a year and a half. But in terms of painting it is rather simple, built quickly for the tourny seasons.

1. Simple Grey primer,
2. black wash
3. white highlights
4. details

And it actually looks great, plays great, and doesn't get as much of the "Grey Knights and Broken" rants but still, people hate this codex and this leads to making this army my tournament army while my Blood Angels became my relaxing army.

Enough of the background, lets see how it turned out...

The whole lot of them. 30 Terminators rocking the table.

The Grandmaster himself, rocking the Psycannon and sword.

5 Power armor dudes, My first time using lava basing as well which turned out rather well for a beginner 

My first Paladin squad, the Gatling guns are master crafted psycannons Also notice the chaplain terminator, I loved making this model. 

Normal Terminator squad

Another squad, this time led by Justicar Thawn 

An old metal squad

two inquisitors, one in terminator armor along with two cherubs (servitor skulls)

Second Paladin squad. I enjoyed building and flaring them up, they all are very character filled 

Another shot of the Terminator Inquisitor, another Psycannon

Another shot of the chaplian 

The Entire army fitting in a single GW case, along with the dice.

There we go, the full army done, tommorow I'll show my Blood Angels, my easy play force.