Friday, January 28, 2011

Deldar vs GrimnarWing

So for the Campain I was able to get back into the swing. I moved back to my Logan Wing for the campaign, while the Jumpers looked like a cool list, they force me to play in only one direction and after one year of the amazing reactive play style of the Logan Wing It's starting to get on my nerves. Also It will take me forever to buy all the Sanguinary jumpacks to get the army finished and I'd rather use a fully painted army then a grey army.

I'm also taking Logan Wing to the Nova, I cant think of any other list I would take to such an event, besides, Purgatus will be there most likely and we can have our arguments about Logan wing Setups. This will mean making the army really nice looking. I have 20 new Berzerkers being painted to the best of my abilities and I will defiantly rebuild my Lone Wolves and make them really look like the Blood Seekers they are. One thing I notice about  my army is that anywhere I take them people are always looking over my toys and they all seem to be impressed, after I play them they always agree that this army is a well done counts as army. That is what I'm looking for and receiving and when I step out to the Nova I intend to fight with the army I love.

Now my game for the week was against a nice dude named Kim. He was playing his New Dark Eldar army for the first time. He had a few painted and they were amazing, I know I should start to bring my camera... I was playing against the new Deldar codex for the first time so we both learned things...especially after we rolled out a spearhead capture and control mission...hate this one so badly.

He learned that Wracks do not work against Lone Wolves.
He also learned that 6 Reavers with 2 Caltrops are awesome against Logan Wings
I learned that Deldar can torrent me like its nobodies buisness.
I also learned that Deldar vehicles are made of paper, no wonder he was trying to kill my Long Fangs...
And we both learned that an Archon with a huskblade and shadowfeild vs a Thunderwolf with a Powerfist and storm shield  is a majorly boring fight (they were fighting for THREE TURNS!!!)

The whole game ended in a draw though... Great game and was really close.

I like the New Deldar codex... seems like a fun to play army and we both cant wait for the rematch.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The rock you break against ...1250

Belial w TH/SS 130pts
Deathwing w 5 TH/SS and CML, apothecary 265pts

Deathwing w 5 TH/SS and CML 235pts

Deathwing w 5 TH/SS and CML 235pts

Deathwing w 5 TH/SS and CML 235pts

Speeder with Multimela ans CML 75pts

Speeder with Multimela ans CML 75pts

Gosh, just when you think you are ready for anything this shows up and humbles you. I'm terrified of a list like this, too much of a rock for one to deal with, and I'm not talking the "rock, paper, scissors" rock, I'm talking the "savage beat you over the head with it while you bleed" rock.

There are 12 missles aiming at 6 targets every turn. 8 of those missiles are on VERY durrible scoring units that will smash most units in assault. One unit has FNP as well, just cause they hate you.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jumpfail 1250...

So I've been trying the Jumper list, I've been failing at it though.

Here is what I have so far.

HQ: Librarian w jumpack, Uleash Rage and Shield 125pts

Elite: 2 Priests with jumpacks                                  150pts

Elite: Techpriest with Jumpack and combi melta        60pts

Elite: Techpriest with Jumpack and combi melta        60pts

Troop: 10 Assault Marines, 2 Melta guns, P-Fist    235pts

Troop: 10 Assault Marines, 2 Melta guns, P-Fist    235pts

Troop: 10 Assault Marines, 2 Melta guns, P-Fist    235pts

Fast Attack: Multimelta Attack Bike                         50pts

Fast Attack: Multimelta Attack Bike                         50pts

Fast Attack: Multimelta Attack Bike                         50pts

Its a Juggernaut of a list. Turn two the enemy has 5 meltas in their faces and the Marines charge in. Its hit or miss, either I win big or lose like a champ. Against my Space Wolves I get charged by thunderwolves and I get stuck waiting for the Lone wolves to reach me and lock me forever. Bloodmech just waits in reserve for the Tech priests to land, nukes them and the attack bikes, and then shoot each squad down...pitiful really.

I think this is the most competitive list for Jumpacks, though I might be wrong. Any thought would be appreciated. Its such a rock list...and I hate it for that.

As for valentines I can only say that I have 5 more tanks to paint to give you a guess at which list I will end up playing...lets just say I've been reading Bully's battle reports very intensely.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cookie to the best jumpack list at 1250pts.
I hope this works. Im seeing if my phone to blog connection works. Test one off...

Friday, January 21, 2011

Why are we stupid?

So now I would like to talk about one of the most fundamental changes that the interwebs has brought to me, a simple truth that has reshaped my entire logical process. The question of "Why".

I am slowly but surly moving from being a teenage hooligan to a young adult and am finding that I am being challenged far more then I ever could comprihend. My religion, my political veiws, my  hobbies, and even my dreams for the future. I am no longer given a simple nod and left to my hopes like you get in high school, I'm in the real world starting next fall and now have to stand for myself. The question of "Why" is the biggest challenge to someone with little experience in the world and its forcing me to dwelve deeper and find reasons for what I belive or choose to act upon.

How is this about 40K though I hear you ask. Well almost a year ago I started to take an apperence on the interwebs through the Grimnar Angband on Yes The Truth Hurts and very quickly I found that I had little idea what I was talking about. To be challenged was a product of my own lack of initiative. I took Stelek at his word for the longest time and that certainly changed my veiw of the game, but that was it, I was only using someone else's ideas and that only got me so far. Well after I started my Logan Wing I found that I became quite good, I knew my army inside and out and atg my first major event my win, lose, draw, record was 2/2/1. Impressive more that my two loses were so close that a single dice roll, or in one case the time clock kept me from at least another victory and a draw.

I wasn't there to win big, mearly have fun and prove to myself that I could play as well as I thought I could. I came back to a changing world on the interwebs for my Logan Wing, Lone wolves were being subsituted for Wolf Scouts and Thunderwolves lost their storm shield and power fists in favor of Wolf claws. I was now suppose to make these changes to be competitive. I had just learned the streanths of my army and honestly though different to the common norm. I stood for my choices in my army and was made the better for it. Now people constantly find me debating for the P-Fist and storm Shields and I love being able to but heads with a few known interweb folks ( I'm look at you Purgatus lol). But this is the point. I know WHY I use the models I do.

I know their strengths, weaknesses, ranges, sizes, mobility, and I learned this through experience. By now working off the regular norm I am forced to bring the full scale of my knowledge to the front. This in turn has helped me grow in this game and in my life as well. This isn't an excuse for being stupid and stubborn however for I have my shares of stupid moments and I have developed the maturity to move forward and except it. Having criticism isn't a bad thing, it causes you to stand back and ask your self "Why?" Surprisingly I find few people who can give me honest answers in some cases, sad really, more sad that I was like that.

Are you using a model cause its cool,
Cause someone said it was good,
because you like the background,
or is it because of your own experiences?

This question will force an answer to a lot of interesting points and is a self reflective gold mine for finding out why you like and play your toy soldiers. I ask that you guys never stop asking these questions, Its one of the few things I make a point of when writing a list. Best example would be my old How to: World Eaters Article, man I got flamed for a few days, then I came up and stated my reasons and what do you know? People back off, It's called making sense. People were just throwing an argument because I dont use the Desent Of Angels rule to drop my entire army in front of everybody. But that was it, there wasn't any substance to the argument, people were arguing just because they heard that that's how to play them (BOLS... I hold you responsible for alot of it).

This is the biggest crime of the Bloggersphere, it allows people to think they can "cheat the system" by reading about other peoples sucsess. I learned it doesnt work like that. Experience is needed and even more important is an understanding on your side. Your army shouldn't be someone else's, it can end up looking similar to other people's (thats normal with lists like the Logan Wing and others) but the inspiration for using the unit has to come from you. I play my Logan wing now not because Stelek wrote the list for me, but now because I know how to play it. I make my choices now based on what I think can work. People like Stelek and Purgatus are now sources of insight I use to bounce ideas off of and we go about this not in a leader - follower but as players discussing tactics... like it should be done.

I stand by this simple principle, play what you have come to understand as good, challenge the norm, but at the same time be ready to except the truth, even if it means you wrong.

Peace out hands hurt.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Updated the Approved

So I updated the Grimnar Approved section. Just what I consider good stuff.

I suggest that you guys start checking out Bully's stuff. There is constant updates and good material for everything. He is at Appreciate Simplicity.

Check out Purgatus' stuff as well... goodness abounds.

NOVA Open or bust...

So I just ordered my tickets for the NOVA...

Thats far away...but at the same time too close for comfort.

Time to get my act together and figure out what I plan on bringing.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1250...ON FIRE!!!

This list is a tricky one.

At 1250 I'm finding more and more the suicide units that armies take are becoming much harder to fit in. Who wants to spend a precious 60pt on a land speeder who will only die?

That is the one thing that this army relies on. Here it is.

HQ: Librarian with Shield of Sanguines and Fear of Darkness   100pts

Techmarine with Jumpack and combi melta                                60pts

Techmarine with Jumpack and combi melta                                60pts

Techmarine with Jumpack and combi melta                                60pts

5 assault marines with Land Raider Redeemer with Multi melta  315pts

5 assault marines with Land Raider Redeemer with Multi melta  315pts

5 assault marines with Land Raider Redeemer with Multi melta  315pts

Total 1225

I find that playing this list is all skill. You use the tech marines and the redeemer's 24inch death guns to hunt down all mobile melta. once thats done you can toast or hunt vehicles to your hearts content.

Facing speeders? hold everything in reverse and Deep Strike down on to the enemy.

Your raiders deep strike, don't see much of a use but I'm sure you can use it somewhere...

Monday, January 17, 2011

1250pts of blood...

Well, mad doc wants to see what the Blood Angels can throw down.
Lets see...

HQ: Librarian with Shield of Sanguinus and Fear of Darkness   100pts
I like these powers , especially Fear... at 1250pts making a unit run off of the board is truly terrifying. Its my secret little "@%$# you Wolves" power.

Troops, we need them. I like my 3 Troop template so lets start with this.

5 Assault marines w melta gun           165pts
Las/plas Razorback

Three of these will be good. For ten more points then the Space puppies we get a fast vehicle (IMPORTANT...I'll talk about it later)

Now for the fun parts, eveyone put on their Green hats and follow along with me...

Predator with Heavy Bolters  100pts

Predator with Heavy Bolters  100pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters  145pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters  145pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters  145pts

so the list looks like this...

HQ: Librarian with Shield of Sanguinus and Fear of Darkness   100pts

5 Assault marines w melta gun           175pts
Las/plas Razorback w Hunter Killer

5 Assault marines w melta gun           175pts
Las/plas Razorback w Hunter Killer

5 Assault marines w melta gun           175pts
Las/plas Razorback w Hunter Killer

Predator with Heavy Bolters  100pts

Predator with Heavy Bolters  100pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters  145pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters  145pts

Baal Predator with Ass cannon and Heavy Bolters  145pts

First off... Bully will like this... just have an inkling...

Now where is the advantage to this list, It can shoot, but most armies can do that.
The power of this list is mobility. Just how fast the list can move and redeploy is a HUGE factor I'm finding. At 1250 people are busy taking mostly the basics and are left with only a few truly mobile forces. This army is perfect for punching those few transports down and then just running circles of Armor 13 around armies that arent ready for it. The Fast abilities this army has are totally worth the 15 points more for each vehicle. I'm paying 120pts for my fast status and I think its worth the price.

Anybody remember the flying rodes that the Eldar played? Well now the Blood Angels can play that game in ways that I cant imagine.

Even my Space Wolf list would suffer. Turn one my wolves would lose their Thunderwolves and by turn two my Razor backs are dead. The rest of the game would just be like I was fighting eldar...but they shoot better then EVERYONE.

This list is a monster to face and currently making people shudder at the thought. What are your thought people? Next list is a little more themed but I can tell you it will be a "Rockfist" of a time...

Sunday, January 16, 2011

God of what now?

Bols failread

Ouch! my head hurts from all of the fail right there. Lets take a 265pt charecter and buy lots of Tactical Marines (Freaking Tacs) and try to take advantage of three inches.

Best Character in the game my foot. I'm not a smurf hater, really I'm not. Just articles like this annoy me. What are they trying to do? Teach players to make bad choices.

"Lets make a combat tactics army!!! That will work well enough!!!" 

Big Red...why?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

1250pts of death... pt 1

So I'm going to see what I can come up with for my space wolves.

So I need some troops...
At 1250 though how many do I need?
I'm going to say three is a good place to start with.

5 Grey Hunters w Melta Gun      155pts
Las/plas Razorback  

Always useful... I'll take three.
That puts us at 465pts, not bad.

Now some good fire support. Normaly I look to Long Fangs but at this point value I need stuff to draw the anti tank off of my troops, while still killing transports and being able to shoot infantry. Now I see the increadible value of predators in this codex.

Predator with Auto Cannon and Heavy Bolters  85pts
Lets see where I can go with two. 170pts total for both.

Now a couple Thunderwolves to counter assault,
Thunderwolf with P-Fist and Storm Shield 105pts
taking two is a good call I think.

845pts...not bad... lets review
4 auto cannon shots
6 Twin linked Plasma
3 Lascannons
3 meltas
2 Close combat monsters

I need one more combat hero, HQ can help with that
One more shooty unit... I wish i owned another Predator...

Or I could do this...

Lets add an HQ,
Rune Priest with Living Lightning and Storm Caller, Chooser of the Slain  110pts
Good... now his ride.

4Long fangs w 3 missile launchers, Rhino    125pts

Perfect, more Shooting and a little Psyker defense.

We need rocks, and good ones at that. Something feirce and able to take large volumes of firepower...

We need Lone Wolves
Lone Wolf with Terminator Armor, Chain Fist, and Storm Shield 85pts
Take 2. They are game changers when they hit mid field.

That puts us at 1250 on the dime... good. Lets see what I have.

Rune Priest with Living Lightning and Storm Caller, Chooser of the slain  110pts

Lone Wolf with Terminator Armor, Chain Fist, and Storm Shield 85pts

Lone Wolf with Terminator Armor, Chain Fist, and Storm Shield 85pts
5 Grey Hunters w Melta Gun      155pts

Las/plas Razorback 

5 Grey Hunters w Melta Gun      155pts

Las/plas Razorback 

5 Grey Hunters w Melta Gun      155pts

Las/plas Razorback 

Thunderwolf with P-Fist and Storm Shield 105pts

Thunderwolf with P-Fist and Storm Shield 105pts
Predator with Auto Cannon and Heavy Bolters  85pts

Predator with Auto Cannon and Heavy Bolters  85pts

4Long fangs w 3 missile launchers, Rhino    125pts

 Total                                                                           1250pts

There... that looks scary. What do you guys think? The list starts out as a very shooty list that switches to the offensive when it hits mid field.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Valentines Day...

Yes i know, that's not until Febuary but hear me out.

On valentines day I will be taking part in a smaller scale tournament at a hobby shop I know. The event is the "Valentines Day Massacre" and I had a ball two years ago. The system is simple, roll of with your opponent for mission, don't touch the terrain at your table, just play your game and whoever wins, wins. Tie breakers are VPs.

As you can guess this is an awesome experience, no comp, no subjective battle points, and after the tournament their is a painting contest.

Here is the catch though... it will either be 1250 or 1500pts.

Now I like 1500pts, I can break out my Predator Spam...but 1250?

Such a weird number, I think it has to do with the fact that the one guy who always plays there likes that level as his Nurgle army is hard to kill. (surprisingly they are) Now I see that kind of challenge as a wonderful opportunity to get some fun games in. I like to think of what I could use for that poor level of play.

Sounds like a wonderful series of Articles to get me started, I'll make a few lists and examine these lower levels and see what I come up with.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So it Begins...

Pic made by tacticangel on Deviant Art

The plains of  Baron IV were dusty and smelled of a wasted planet. For a Hive world it was amazing to Rune Preist Sorjin that such empty space existed. 160 Billion people live on this planet,  more here then the rest of St. Benedict system combined yet they dwelled on less then 10% of the surface of their home in towers that reached well beyond the clouds. Before them was Hive Verius, a mountain of metal seeming to cast its shadow over all that the Rune Preist could see. Verius was the smallest, if by small you call 16 Billion people, and at the request of the Imperial Commander the Space Wolf strike force was speeding towards its towering presence. Rebellions had broken out all over the Hive as food supplies have run low since the loss of contact with Jeremus III. Sorjin glanced from the top hatch at the Rhino next to them, his teacher and old friend, Zordin, was surly inspecting the runes, trying to find the reason for such events and discussing plans with Wolf Guard leader Dorin. In a few hours they will be in the hive and in the name of Russ, they will drive these rebellions back into the darkness they came from.

There silence was broken though as a missile careened into the front of Zordins Rhino, almost as if out of nowhere. Sorjin barked orders for the other forces to disembark and form a defensive perimiter. It was then that they saw the enemy. Red figures rushed forward, ducking behind ancient ruins and propelling themselves forward with ancient Jumpacks. Sorjin rushed out of his rhino and rush to Zordin's side as the Rhinos formed defensive parimiters around the wolves. "World Eaters... and not just any, the runes were right... He lives." Zordin spoke outloud as Sorjin set up his men. Long Fang squads set up and began lobbing misslies into the advancing figures, hiting a few. Dust blew in the faces of the sons of Russ from the explosions of the missiles. Then everything was silent for a moment, before a single chant seemed to catch the wind. Its wasnt a roar but a sullen chant, filled with rage and blood thirst.

"The Angband has come, Let your lords come forth!"
"Khorne has spoken, blood will be spilt this day!"

From the dust they came, World Eaters, rushing forward from all directions. The Space Wolves hunkered behind their Rhinos, waiting for the Berzerkers to come closer for the counter attack but just as they were preparing for the assault strange beasts of Chaos rode forward from the flanks each bearing a Chaos Marine upon it. The Marines wielded strange looking Melta weapons and before they could be stopped made the Rhinos into smoldering ashes, the explosion killing a few of the Marines hiding behind them. Their cover gone the World Eaters rushed into their lines.

The Wolves Of Russ are the most ferocious of Space Marine Chapters but to Fight the World Eaters was to face carnage on an unbelievable scale. Only Sanguinius' sons were able to hold back the World Eaters the Sagas said and now the terrors of ten thousand years past were upon them. Chain Axes raised and fell in archs of gore as more and more of the Space Wolves fell, their years of training and experience tested beyond what they could bear. Many died on each side and Finaly Sorjin and his squad broke free and watched the mahem unfold.

Through the hoard strode a single being, his Armor ancient and covered with Marks of Khorn. Indeed his forhead had a crown upon it and he carried a single Chain Axe,  the head of the weapon must have been the size of a Thunderwolf's head. He tore through the combat, his axe dancing around the weapons of his enemies till he had broken through the line. Six Grey Hunters died in six seconds before him as he screamed his challenge to the Space Wolves. As Sorjin readied his weapon Zordin put a hand on his shoulder. The two rune preists eyes met and Sorjin saw a look of desperation in his master's eyes.

"Go! Warn the others! We will hold them as long as we can. This man isnt mortal, they all arent. Make for Hive Ternius, inform High Command that the Grimnar of Angband walks among men once more!"

With that Zordin and his Grey Hunters charged. Zordin stood before the World Eater Lord and raised his blade in challenge.

"Well, well, what pup does stand before me?" The Grimnar spoke, his words smooth and entirely in opposition to the gore clad figure. "Will you stand before the Annotinted of Khorn?"

"Shut Up! I'll drive you back to the Abyss! I will end this madness before it begins" Zordin Screamed this as he rushed into single combat with the Angband.

As Sorjin rushed away he glanced over his shoulder to see the full might of his masters powers brought to bear. The Angband merely stepped forward and waved the psykers powers away, his crown screaming with a mark of Khorne atop it. In a daft moment he brought his Axe around and decapitated the Rune Priest as the World Eaters finished of the Grey Hunter position.

Sorjin was filled with feelings of Rage and misery, but he had to get out of here, his master was right, they had to be warned. The clouds were scattered by ancient star ships, Battle Barges and Strike Crusisers as old as the Heresy itself entered orbit, their hulls blocking the sun. In the distance Hive Verius lay under the ships as bright beams tore through the heavens, the orbital bombardments had begun...

Five minuites later all that remained of Hive Verius was a flamming ruin, a signal flare of the nightmare to come as Sorjin felt the voices of all 16 billions souls burn in the flames, offerings to Khorne no doubt.

Grimnar Angband, Slayer of Kings, has come to Baron IV and the smoking ruin of Verius was just a sample of the attrocities that are to come. A challenge has been issued to the mortal beings of the Galaxy. He and his World Eaters will be reborn in the Warp, forever bound to their god Khorne but those who fall before him... they will be nothing more then more blood to fill Khorne's endless seas and skulls to be added to His throne.

As Grimnar stared up into the stars he smiled. Heroes will come, and he will face them, he will end them.

The World Eaters have invaded Baron IV and have begun their conquest of the planet. This victory will no doubt draw the other invading forces of Chaos into the St. Benedict system. Grimnar has played his opening hand, how will the mortals respond?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well...that worked

So I finished building my campaign list and played a rather good Space Wolf List to start off my invasion of the  St. Benedict system  as per the campaign fluff.

I won the game against the wolves as my World Eaters did exactly what I wanted. Techmarines charged long fangs, 25 marines moved down the center, 10 marines and a preist DoA onto a flank and with an attack bike cut off the enemies retreat.

The wolves set up a perfect rhino wall and it was only by 2 inches and my intercepting melta units I was able to blow the rhinos apart and have Grimnar lead the charge into the mass of thirty Grey Hunters, +1 attack bubble makes assault marines monsters.

Talking about Grimnar he ate a Squad of Grey hunter, Long Fangs, and two speeders, while chasing 7 more grey hunters of the board. The highlight though... him and the enemy Rune Priest I chose as his target dueling to the death, it was quick and bloody as the Lord of World Eaters claimed the wolf pup's skull. What power does the line of Russ have against the Chosen of Khorn and Prince of Angron's Favor? At the end of the carnage he didn't suffer a single wound.

I have to write a fluff based battle report for the campaign so I'll post that up here soon. No pictures though sadly -_-. Oh well, better to use your imagination for the epicnes  of the whole thing.

A great start to a great army, maybe I'll fight some Guard next monday...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

From the Heavens... with love.

So, I'm getting set for the Campaign about to start at my local hobby store and while I was originally going to be rocking the Logan Wing I have looked through my resources and have found out that I can now begin building and testing the Jump Pack list I am going to build and take to the NOVA this summer. Its not the best I can do competitively as I still like my Logan Wing and am good with it but I want to take a fun and good looking list to the NOVA and just enjoy the games I end up playing.

Suffice to say, a year long campaign will give me the inspiration to paint and model the army to the best of my abilities...and give me enough practice to help with the NOVA.

Heres the list I'm rocking, description below. (Note that this campaign is going to involve alot of Fluff development on my part)

HQ: Grimnar Angband, Slayer of Kings (The Sanguinor)                                            275pts

HQ: Honor Guard w 2 Melta Guns, Jumpacks                                                           185pts

Elite: Tech Marine with combi Melta and Jumpack                                                       60pts

Elite: Tech Marine with combi Melta and Jumpack                                                       60pts

Elite: Galagor, High Priest of Blood (Sanguinary Priest with Jumpack)                           85pts

Troop: 10 Assault marines with 2 melta guns, sarge with power fist                              235pts

Troop: 10 Assault marines with 2 melta guns, sarge with power fist                              235pts

Troop: 10 Assault marines with 2 melta guns, sarge with power fist                              235pts

Troop: 5 Scouts with Missile Launcher                                                                          85pts

Fast Attack: Attack Bike with Multi Melta                                                                    50pts

Fast Attack: Attack Bike with Multi Melta                                                                    50pts

Heavy Support: Predator with Heavy bolters and Autocannon                                   100pts

Heavy Support: Predator with Heavy bolters and Autocannon                                     100pts

TOTAL                                                                                                                    1750pts

I like it, heres a few notes about it though.

2 FNP bubbles and 4 intercepting meltas... not the best, but will do.

Razorback spam will peeve me, but I'll work that out. The challenge will be figuring out when to DOA into the enemy and when not to. There's the tool that I hope to learn to use well.

I wish I had Land Speeders, but alas I don't own any and don't have a means to anytime soon, so Attack bikes it is. They also will help me by drawing fire from the assault wave of 35 FNP marines. Model wise I'm thinking Berzerkers riding Chaos Centaurs. Like how they are looking.

I chose for Grimnar to be the Sanguinor as there are already two players in the campaign using Mephiston so I need to break the mold a little. Plus I like the +1 attack bubble. I feel like I will be able to use that to help my guys. The super sarge can be helpful as well if it lands on an assault sargent (I finally have a use for my d4 dice I have laying around ^_^). Also, deep down inside I want to find a use for him. Most people I see aren't afraid of just how nasty he can be, I want to take advantage of this.

Predators are there to pump out shots at transports and long fangs. They also can soak up shots until the marines make it into combat or with their fast movement contest objectives in sneaky styles.

Lets see how it works shall we.
Comments and suggestions are all welcome.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

An article "counting as" an article

Greetings interwebs! So last time I wrote a major article for my World Eaters I let Stelek use it and lets just say the forum comments were interesting to say the least. Here it is for all to see.

SinSynn said this here,
"Don’t get me started on Chaos ‘counts as’ Space Wolf armies….it’s like a plague on our hobby."
This was a comment I seem to hear alot and there is some truth to it but also something worth talking about.

*Mini rant* (oh great he's mad now)

Now alot of the negative comments were about the fact that they thought a World Eaters army is about Rhinos. Yes, Gav made the last codex so sucky that every Berzerker army had Rhinos and of course they needed them, most Marine armies do. In the good old 3.5 codex they made Raptors only have Jump Packs and for good reason. The models were awesome and the rules were fitting. (if only Raptors had Hit and Run now...) The old Jump Pack Assault armies for the World Eaters were left in the background and unfortunately stayed there. I have the rhino rush from Codex CSM, I've used it for the past three years  and now with the new Blood Angels codex the idea of the Assault Company's is now a dream to be realize by Khorne fans everywhere... and all people want is another Rhino Rush list. -_-

Now I'm building two BA "counts as" armies for myself the Predator spam and Assault company. I've always seen people whine about counts as saying that people are only using it to gain an advantage, like all of the Chaos wolves you see nowadays. Now I'm not going to say that doesn't happen, cause it does. But people have a ways of making only the bad what they see and ignore the good. I dislike that because to me the wonderful part of counts as isn't "having the best list ever" but is and always will be having the option to represent my space gladiators in a number of different lists with all different play styles.

I have four major lists and four major play styles associated with each:
A Rhino Rush with the CSM codex: a close combat mech list
A Predator Spam with the BA codex: a shooty mech list
A Logan Wing list with the SW codex: a reactive, shooty foot list
A Jump pack list with the BA codex: an aggressive and fast foot list

What I have here is four unique playing experiences and four unique modeling experiences for me to have fun with. I don't have to play the same list over and over and over and you get the picture

Although a little off topic I find it annoying when people get mad at the person who "count as" their chaos marines, but encourage the chaos guard. Must be good to be Dan over at Ten Inch Template... but then again he also has gone the distance to make the army look amazing like I intend to do. I can tell when people are just taking advantage of counts as simply by the effort they put into the army. I can tell you now, I'm not just throwing jumpacks on a bunch of old Berzerkers I have. To make my list there are challenges in making a well done counts as list, I don't want it just to be a simple list but it is being built to the best of its abilities. Unless anything changes I intend to bring my World Eater Assault Company to the NOVA and I want it to BE a World Eater list, and if that means converting 40+ uniquely posed Berzerkers so be it. (If you have ever seen the Berzerker sprue  you will understand how hard that can be)

I have 40+ Berzerkers waiting to be built and make the Jump Pack list of mine. Have bought 6 predators and 4 razorbacks (all that are magnetized to fit any flavor)… Yes my World Eaters enjoy not Rhino Rushing across the board for once, especially if there fluff described them as having the most brutal ASSAULT companies out there.

I think GW isn’t stupid enough to not realized the amount of money they are making with these “counts as” armies and it would be totally reasonable to keep this up for a while before releasing the codex with all new units and sets to make people have to buy a lot of new stuff in addition to all the new stuff they got for their “counts as”.

Believe me, there are the dudes that are using counts as only to play more competitively but there are a number of people (like me ^_^) who are using this to break free from the pathetic cage that Gav placed. I can play with and enjoy my favorite army of Space Gladiators while having fun and new units to convert and play with.

What do you guys think? Is counts as a problem, is it a way to "cheat the system".
Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.