Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rebooting the Interwebs

Hello internet, So my Freshman year at the college is over (Thank the Gods of Chaos!) and as It's to a degree going to be easier for me to update I will be doing so, as this is an update blog reboot. I will be posting things more often for the next while, at least until school starts again, then it might slow down a little bit.

But anyways on to Updates!!!!!!!!

First! World Eaters... retired for the moment, maybe revived at the onset of the Chaos Codex... we will see...

SECOND!!! Bloody Angels, I built an army of them over the last semester and they look awesome. My next post will be all about them and the importance of bits and theme and they are heavily themed around one of the more, lets say emo, chapters, the Angels Vermilion which if you have no idea what I am talking about check the Codex, they actually exist. So you will see what I have going on there, pictures will be coming.

THIRD!!! Sixth Edition is coming and it WILL punch everyone in the teeth. You'll be able to see my thoughts on this new edition it will also be a great into to my first sixth edition force...

Fourth!!!! Thousand Sons! I know I was thinking of doing pre heresy versions of everyone's favorite 9ft sorcerers with chainsaws but for $80 I came into possession of 6 full squads of the current thousand sons squads with the awesome helmets and sorcerers, Ahriman, and the old school deamons. So that is a full chaos army right there and I have been throwing them on the board with them not failing as badly as people would expect. When Chaos drops I will be building them to their full potential with a fun theme I'll be going over that puts my pre heresy force to shame.

Fifth!!! I am trying to slowly building a Warlord Titan, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I am working with one of my friends who is an architectural major and build giant models all the time so this isn't going to be hard, just time consuming. Expect pictures some time.

Sixth!!! I play Fantasy now, there is a leagues starting in my near buy hobby shop, a small 1500pts league to get people into the game so I decided to go for my favorite model range in the system and have fun building and painting the army. I picked Wood Elves, yeah I still cant walk from how badly I have shot myself in the foot on this one but the Models are gorgeous, giant trees of death attacking you!!!

This is what is going down so be prepared!