Sunday, May 22, 2011


So I have been testing my Divine Intervention Grey Knights against my Razor/Predator list.

I finished games three and the score is one draw and 2 wins for the GKs.

Not bad I have to say. The Psycannons are perfect at what they do and the razorbacks are just too easy to kill. While the predators can wittle down the terminator squads they dont have enough time to kill 30 terminators and the Psycannons take their toll over time.

I like the Psychic Communion, really helps land the army by turn three at the least and they land together. The skulls help out as well.

Now my camera is finally working again so I have got a few pictures taken and one of my play test games recorded to help me understand how my games went. Expect them up this week.

In other news, this weekend there is the best event ever going on at my local hobby shop Maplewood Hobbies. We will be holding our annual 40 hours of 40k this weekend. Yes, we play 40 hours worth of tournaments, Apocalypse battles, bizzar bazaars and other fun activities. These past few weeks have been a short escalation league building up to this momentous weekend and over this weekend I will be picking up the majority of my Grey Knight Terminator army. This and my camera working again means more fun for me, and more stuff for you to see. I will post up my test painted Grey Knight tomorrow if luck serves me.

With my army I am trying to NOT paint the army a silver color scheme but actually shades of grey. Then I will be adding my own little free hand flair to the models. I dont want them to just look like every other grey knight army and if it works out they will have a more grimdark look to them. Thats my goal anyway.

Now I have to get back to figuring out how to paint a nemesis force halberd...

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