Friday, October 22, 2010

Long Fangs done

When life gives you Lemons, shoot missiles at them.
Here is five of my 15 Long Fangs that I have. There all painted and ready to go.

Am working on the Thunderwolves now and all I can say is that the Juggernaught kits are AWESOME!!!

I'll also need to get the Wolf Guard Battle Leader up and running as well.

Until next post, farewell and BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD... and all.


  1. What bits are you using for your missile launchers?

    I'm running a list that is very similar and having difficulties with getting the 12 ML bits

  2. Those are plasticard tubes I picked up at a local hobbystore, one a little bigger to fit around the other. You just cut them to your size, fit them under the arm just like the models look a place a small peice of the bigger tube over the smaller one and there you go.