Friday, February 18, 2011

Round Three... Storm Ravens

This was the most interesting list. It almost won the tournament as well. At the last round all he needed was to not roll a one on a difficult terrain check for the Death company dreadnought which unfortunatly the dice gods decided to side with his enemy.

This list came straight out of Left Field, I didnt see it coming.

HQ: Chaplain w combi melta

Troop: 9 Death Company (a mesh of Fists and P-Weapons)

Troop: Death Company Dreadnought with Talons

Elite: Furioso Dreadnought

Storm Raven w Multi melta, Assault Cannons, and Blood Missiles (Held a lone furioso)

Storm Raven w Multi melta, Assault Cannons and Blood Missiles (held Death company models)

Look at it for a second... he has no scoring units. So how did he win the First Game? Oh yeah, he tabled his first opponent, Guard, the only guy who had more vehicles than me. The second game he tabled a Chaos army. And now I had to smack him... or at least thought I could.

This game had both of us making big mistakes and paying for it but I'll explain that in a moment.

It was Annihilation/ pitched battle and he won to deploy first. I held my army in reserve. He took his first two turns to move right into the center of my lines, literally back to back and waited for me. I rolled for my tanks and got all but a baal. I was just going to move onto the board, shoot the Ravens and run the hell away,  that was my game plan. Then my dice failed and I only killed the Death company Raven. ( Damn the Dice God's!!!) He responds by getting out of the ravens and rushing out to try to kill my stuff. He killed the baal, one predator and tore the Lascannons off of the Razor backs. He forgot to charge the Dreads though. That was his mistake.

My turn I made a mistake. I got the last baal and should have just ran away from his list, killing the raven and popping the dreads from a distance for the win. I though I was hot stuff though and decided to try my luck. The furioso was on one side of the board while the Death Company models were on the other, I got my melta gun guys out of their razor backs and opened fire. two melta guns hit, two penetrate, roll a 1 and a 2. All I did was tear an arm off and condemn one of my assault squads to die. I did kill the Raven though. On his turn the dread ate the squad. I responded by finaly shooting the thing dead and by then the game ended on turn 5.

A draw...

It was a good game though, I really didnt expect this at all. It has the punch to kill stuff and at 1000pts gives alot of armies hard times shooting down armor 12 anti melta flyers...then the Dreads and the Company eat you.

And about the Storm raven model... well I think having one on the board looks like a flying piece of Thunderhawk crap. Two though...that makes it look a little better I have to say, I think three would look obnoxious though. Just saying.


  1. I was going to say thats a bad list - but actually its quite clever in its own right, using the DC dread to make the 2nd troop choice - I doubt many there could deal with a couple of blood talon maniacs tearing through their lines. (It still isnt a great list, but looks fun to play).

  2. Considering that he was "ONE" dangerous terrain test from tying for first I would say it worked rather well.

  3. It does look like a blast to play with or against. Table or draw/lose. Risky but nice.

  4. Like I say, at a 1000 points thats a damn potent list.

    I was thinking of what you could do to not have the DC and still have a fun list to play @ 1000 points:

    Libby / RAS w/ PF x2 / Furioso x2 / Stormraven x2

    1000 points dead on.

    Actually have scoring, a bit less scary in combat though.

    I have to say though - I am looking for reasons to run my Storm Raven (admitadly I need to buy 1 or 2 more) and some Furioso's - and probably at 1000 points its would work.

  5. Freaking unacceptable man. Haven't heard from you in WEEKS... come back.