Thursday, November 15, 2012

Webway Raiders...

 Well, now we are into my side projects at the time. I started with Eldar by buying a box of Harlequins and have since fallen in love with them. The Death Jester now holds the position as my best painted model ever right now.

Look at them legs!

First clown, just amazing quality if I have to say so. Love the base and everything.

This one was my first attempt at freehand and it came out really well.

Its always smiling!

This guy is my best right now. I cant believe I was able to get a model to this level.

Its all a wonderful joke...a killing joke...

My farseer I'm working on... front


random warlock

his back

My wraith lord, I liked exploring the colors for this piece.

These guys are on a turning point. I am heavily tempted to make a Harlequin themed army out of this. It will be a fun force based of interesting tricks and honestly one of my favorite tricks in the entire game mechanics at the moment. Besides with 6th there is alot of ideas I could run with.

Tomorrow I will be going over a few side models here and there and future plans. Then I'll be introducing army lists and tactics and all that good stuff.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Angels Vermilion

Alright, here's a big one. My blood angels were painted over a semester with a little over the summer of this year. I have about 3000pts if I push it. I have a few toys, assault marines, landraiders, predators, razor backs, Dreadnoughts, and infantry, a good bunch of them.

They were painted a darker color of red as they were designed to be a more Gothic themed chapter, The Angels Vermilion  I like the darker theme and the vamperic influence woven into it. They are a chapter that holds one of the most exemplary battle record but keep out of contact with other imperial organizations. I hold that they suffer from the red thirst in silence, their mission holding them to purpose.

Enough of background, I'll come back to that later, here are the pictures with little mentions here and there. 

The army all together. I normaly play 1250-1500pts so I get to have all the toys.

My storm raven, note the vamperic flair. I built the back by myself with plastic card and built a vampire throne into it. 

My assault marines, bat wings... for the vampiric touch

My Razor Backs have all freehhand worked into them. This ones a dragon. The majority of my lists have at least 4 so they are important. 

Mr. Slashy, He is without a doubt my favorite model in the army and I have too many stories of his rampages... oh the dead models, everywhere. Mr slashy loves his job...

My other two Razorbacks, the thirds not done yet due to my lack of inspiration. These are the Angel and the Devil. Yes, the Twin Linked Assault Cannons are vulcan mega bolters... they look amazing on the table.

My Mephiston for a while... then my chaplain... then a librarian... then everything.

A five man squad made from Blood Angels and Dark Angels bits to give them the dark brotherhood feel to them.

Landraider... Being joined by a Crusader soon...

Added gun...

Painted Stormraven... 

A squad mate, a terminator from space hulk, and my Apothecary. 

Basic Assault Marine

Space Hulk Terminator


My leader again I adored this model when it came out and it was my first finecast model ever.

And there they are all. Nowadays I haven't finished an army but am working on a few projects which I will go over tomorrow starting with my Best of the Best. My Eldar.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Painting Recap Pt1 Grey Knights

When I last left you guys over a year ago I was working on my Grey Knights, well here they are!
The list is based on my Divine Intervention you can find all over the place on my blog and it worked wonders for a year and a half. But in terms of painting it is rather simple, built quickly for the tourny seasons.

1. Simple Grey primer,
2. black wash
3. white highlights
4. details

And it actually looks great, plays great, and doesn't get as much of the "Grey Knights and Broken" rants but still, people hate this codex and this leads to making this army my tournament army while my Blood Angels became my relaxing army.

Enough of the background, lets see how it turned out...

The whole lot of them. 30 Terminators rocking the table.

The Grandmaster himself, rocking the Psycannon and sword.

5 Power armor dudes, My first time using lava basing as well which turned out rather well for a beginner 

My first Paladin squad, the Gatling guns are master crafted psycannons Also notice the chaplain terminator, I loved making this model. 

Normal Terminator squad

Another squad, this time led by Justicar Thawn 

An old metal squad

two inquisitors, one in terminator armor along with two cherubs (servitor skulls)

Second Paladin squad. I enjoyed building and flaring them up, they all are very character filled 

Another shot of the Terminator Inquisitor, another Psycannon

Another shot of the chaplian 

The Entire army fitting in a single GW case, along with the dice.

There we go, the full army done, tommorow I'll show my Blood Angels, my easy play force.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reset Button

Let's just reset the whole situation shall we...

Ok, here we go.

So I am a college student, and a warhammer player, yes pity me.

So when it comes to gaming I rarely get a chance to game, but I have been able to paint a lot. And with Games Workshop prices going up, I have less miniatures to focus on as well meaning more attention given to them.

see where I'm going... good

I will be showing my past years progressions of painting each day for the rest of the week

this will give some context for new articles and material that I will try to update at least once a week.

It will be based a lot on painting as the only time I really get to play is the tournament season around the summer, but as you all will see, my painting has improved and will continue as I enter new waters to test my skills against.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rebooting the Interwebs

Hello internet, So my Freshman year at the college is over (Thank the Gods of Chaos!) and as It's to a degree going to be easier for me to update I will be doing so, as this is an update blog reboot. I will be posting things more often for the next while, at least until school starts again, then it might slow down a little bit.

But anyways on to Updates!!!!!!!!

First! World Eaters... retired for the moment, maybe revived at the onset of the Chaos Codex... we will see...

SECOND!!! Bloody Angels, I built an army of them over the last semester and they look awesome. My next post will be all about them and the importance of bits and theme and they are heavily themed around one of the more, lets say emo, chapters, the Angels Vermilion which if you have no idea what I am talking about check the Codex, they actually exist. So you will see what I have going on there, pictures will be coming.

THIRD!!! Sixth Edition is coming and it WILL punch everyone in the teeth. You'll be able to see my thoughts on this new edition it will also be a great into to my first sixth edition force...

Fourth!!!! Thousand Sons! I know I was thinking of doing pre heresy versions of everyone's favorite 9ft sorcerers with chainsaws but for $80 I came into possession of 6 full squads of the current thousand sons squads with the awesome helmets and sorcerers, Ahriman, and the old school deamons. So that is a full chaos army right there and I have been throwing them on the board with them not failing as badly as people would expect. When Chaos drops I will be building them to their full potential with a fun theme I'll be going over that puts my pre heresy force to shame.

Fifth!!! I am trying to slowly building a Warlord Titan, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT! I am working with one of my friends who is an architectural major and build giant models all the time so this isn't going to be hard, just time consuming. Expect pictures some time.

Sixth!!! I play Fantasy now, there is a leagues starting in my near buy hobby shop, a small 1500pts league to get people into the game so I decided to go for my favorite model range in the system and have fun building and painting the army. I picked Wood Elves, yeah I still cant walk from how badly I have shot myself in the foot on this one but the Models are gorgeous, giant trees of death attacking you!!!

This is what is going down so be prepared!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Adeptus Divinus Interventious

No rage is as brutal as holy rage

So I've been thinking of how to get my Divine Intervention list up to 2000pts. I also dont feel satisfied with how my Draigo Wing worked out, so I'm just going to combine the two ideas and see what happens.

That's how we do it here on the Fist of Angband.

Now here is my original list:

HQ: Inquisitor w Force Weapon and Psychic Communion                                          55pts

HQ: Inquisitor w Force Weapon and Psychic Communion                                          55pts

Troops: 10 Terminators; 2 w hammer, 2 w psycannon and Halbred, 6 with Halberds 450pts

Troops: 10 Terminators; 2 w hammer, 2 w psycannon and Halbred, 6 with Halberds 450pts

Troops: 10 Terminators; 2 w hammer, 2 w psycannon and Halbred, 6 with Halberds 450pts

Fast Attack: 10 Interceptors with 2 psycannons, Justicar with hammer                       290pts

Total                                                                                                                        1750pts

Now at 1750pts 8 psycannons and 30 terminators are fine and dandy. At 2000pts though I would like to add more psycannons for my 2000pts.

Lets see where I can come up with more psycannons for the best cost.

At 90 pts I can make a five man squad of terminators paladins with more wounds and an extra Psycannon...good start with two of those.

For 55pts you can upgrade an Inquisitors to have terminator armor and a psycannon. That's awesome considering its another relentless psycannon for the army. Hide in cover, call in the calvery, shoot anything in midfield. Like that.

Now the Paladins need to be troops, 4 squads of Terminators just aren't enough. How do we rectify this situation? Draigo? Nah, I dont need him.

Grandmaster with Master Crafted Psycannon and Halberd 230pts

So I have saved 45pts, grabbed another Psycannon and can now take Paladins as troops no matter what he rolls.

You now have two models that are waiting to call in terminators and can kill stuff later with their relentless Psycannons and can score as well.

Heres the List

Grandmaster with Master Crafted Psycannon and Halberd 230pts

Inquisitor with Psy Communion, Term armor with force weapon and Psycannon 110pts

Elites: 10 Paladins; 2 w hammer, 4 w MC psycannon and Halbred, 4 with Halberds 650pts

Troops: 10 Terminators; 2 w hammer, 2 w psycannon and Halbred, 6 with Halberds 450pts

Troops: 10 Terminators; 2 w hammer, 2 w psycannon and Halbred, 6 with Halberds 450pts

Troops: Strike Squad w Psycannon 110pts

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Storm Brick to Storm Raven...

So I picked up a Storm Brick recently, and I call it a storm brick due to the current state of fail I hold to the model. I hate the normal Storm Raven model... horrible model, it looks like a solid brick with wings (hence the name). Now I don't want to let a bad model be bad... lets see what I could come up with. I also will be using it with my Blood Vampires so I decided to pick up the gorgeous new Coven Throne to sprew it up. Enough though for the blabber, lets get on with it.

First the very pricy box sets
This is hard have help before trying...

I Started by replacing the cockpit with the Coven Throne which will have a vampire marine and his vampire chicks mounted on it

Getting some work done with Plastic card, 

This is actualy the first time using plastic card in large amounts and I'm proud of the outcome I have to say...
extending the back so it doesnt look like such a failure of an airplane.
Looking better I have to say...

Looking better and better

Here is the final outcome with a few words of my own thrown in.