Monday, February 14, 2011

First game and the tourny set up.

Well i'll go over how my Blood Mech performed. Before that some idea of how the event went down.

The tables were 4'X4' which I have to say is a wonderful set up for a 1000pt game. It allowed people to be agressive and kept most armies if fireing range from each other.

The tournament organizer was great. He was well versed in the rules and settled matters quickly and efficiently. all of the missions for each round were rolled by him in front of all the players so it was a bunch of fun rule book missions. The downside was that we had 11 players and the computer system made the odd man out count as getting a win which led to scoring problems at times. The scoring was as follows:

A win is 2 points
A draw is 1 point
A lose is 0 points

It wasnt the best way to play it out, I know because I won two games and drew two games and tied for 2nd with two other people. But it was a learning experience and I think the next tournament they will adopt a win/lose format where draws will be decided by victory points. That would work better. I however wasnt just interested in winning but testing out my Blood Mech so let me get to the battle report.

I have no pictures, still looking for a good camera...

First game was against a beautiful Imperial Fist army. The list looked like this.

Chapter Master w Powerfist

Tactical squad with flamer/ lascannon
Razorback with Heavy Bolter

Tactical squad with Plasma gun/ lascannon

5 Devestators 4 with missile launchers


Tri las Predator

We were playing a 5 objective game on spearhead with a piece of terrain in each quadrant and I happened to have a bastion in my quarter (bastions were in play for the tourney...yes they made the games interesting)

The 4 objective were scattered about with the fifth one scattered 3d6 in a random direction from the center.

He won to deploy first and huddled his army into his quarter in terrain. He was holding two objective from the start as the middle objective landed right next to his (oh joy). I deployed huddled up behind the bastion with the Predators and Razorbacks. Baals were deployed to scout into the quarter next to me hiding behind some terrain.

He had first turn and I had 5 lascannons, 4 missiles, 1 Orbital strike, and one demolisher cannon. I only had one predator immobilized (darn it) though it could still see half his army with the autocannon.

My second turn had my army start its 6 inch march. with my baals flanking him and my predator and razorbacks moving parallel to the enemy he was caught in a crossfire that saw, his predator, devastators, and the demolisher cannon blown off the vindicator.

His next turn saw him try and break out with the razor back and rush the weaponless demolisher onto one of the objectives I was aiming for. I responded by blowing the razorback up and melta the vindicator. After that it was just a few more turns of my tanks eating the remaining combat squads. I felt bad as he just couldn't hurt my baals with the lascannons he put so much faith in. His army was tabled by turn 5 from the preds and the razorbacks which were dropping 3 ap2 shots a turn. My army literally just ate him. I walked out with the win.

I found the scouting Baals gave my opponent something to worry about and gave me a lot of the firing lanes I so desperately needed. The fast vehicles are totally worth the 15pts army wide, the amount of flexibility is just amazing.


  1. Nice - looking forward to rest of the reports.

    How did the HKM's do, I am assuming you fired off the full volley in T1 then made the movement in T2?

    He by no means had a great list, but certainly could lay down some worrying fire for 1k points so pretty impressive all the tanks got through ... if that was me all that fire in T1 would have wrecked half my army (so goes my damage chart luck :/)

  2. HKM's ate the Vindicator gun and the predator. Good Days.