Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well...that worked

So I finished building my campaign list and played a rather good Space Wolf List to start off my invasion of the  St. Benedict system  as per the campaign fluff.

I won the game against the wolves as my World Eaters did exactly what I wanted. Techmarines charged long fangs, 25 marines moved down the center, 10 marines and a preist DoA onto a flank and with an attack bike cut off the enemies retreat.

The wolves set up a perfect rhino wall and it was only by 2 inches and my intercepting melta units I was able to blow the rhinos apart and have Grimnar lead the charge into the mass of thirty Grey Hunters, +1 attack bubble makes assault marines monsters.

Talking about Grimnar he ate a Squad of Grey hunter, Long Fangs, and two speeders, while chasing 7 more grey hunters of the board. The highlight though... him and the enemy Rune Priest I chose as his target dueling to the death, it was quick and bloody as the Lord of World Eaters claimed the wolf pup's skull. What power does the line of Russ have against the Chosen of Khorn and Prince of Angron's Favor? At the end of the carnage he didn't suffer a single wound.

I have to write a fluff based battle report for the campaign so I'll post that up here soon. No pictures though sadly -_-. Oh well, better to use your imagination for the epicnes  of the whole thing.

A great start to a great army, maybe I'll fight some Guard next monday...


  1. Nice matey.

    How did the preds perform? I was worried that they would be the subject of T1 and T2 anti-tank fire (lascannons etc..) where firing 1 or 2 high powered shots into infantry w/ cover saves might not be the best option.

    The Sanginator .. sorry Grimnar! He's a beast, I did a few "in a bubble" simualations with him and he can eat people alive (especially squads) but against HQ's like runepriest etc... yikes, no chance.

  2. Unfortunatly I forgot the Predators at home so I had to deal without them. Even without them it wasnt that bad. Terrain helped alot and cover saves are my friends.

  3. Oh cool, so did you sub something in or play 200 points short? Or you can save it for the battle report *suspense* lol.

    I am still in the process of thinking my DoA army out - 1500 limits me a bit - temptation is to use Sanginator though, he just seems like crazy fun to use, but I might just have to go with a more "traditional" list - Libby - x30 marines and x10 devs w/ maybe some speeders for support.