Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So it Begins...

Pic made by tacticangel on Deviant Art

The plains of  Baron IV were dusty and smelled of a wasted planet. For a Hive world it was amazing to Rune Preist Sorjin that such empty space existed. 160 Billion people live on this planet,  more here then the rest of St. Benedict system combined yet they dwelled on less then 10% of the surface of their home in towers that reached well beyond the clouds. Before them was Hive Verius, a mountain of metal seeming to cast its shadow over all that the Rune Preist could see. Verius was the smallest, if by small you call 16 Billion people, and at the request of the Imperial Commander the Space Wolf strike force was speeding towards its towering presence. Rebellions had broken out all over the Hive as food supplies have run low since the loss of contact with Jeremus III. Sorjin glanced from the top hatch at the Rhino next to them, his teacher and old friend, Zordin, was surly inspecting the runes, trying to find the reason for such events and discussing plans with Wolf Guard leader Dorin. In a few hours they will be in the hive and in the name of Russ, they will drive these rebellions back into the darkness they came from.

There silence was broken though as a missile careened into the front of Zordins Rhino, almost as if out of nowhere. Sorjin barked orders for the other forces to disembark and form a defensive perimiter. It was then that they saw the enemy. Red figures rushed forward, ducking behind ancient ruins and propelling themselves forward with ancient Jumpacks. Sorjin rushed out of his rhino and rush to Zordin's side as the Rhinos formed defensive parimiters around the wolves. "World Eaters... and not just any, the runes were right... He lives." Zordin spoke outloud as Sorjin set up his men. Long Fang squads set up and began lobbing misslies into the advancing figures, hiting a few. Dust blew in the faces of the sons of Russ from the explosions of the missiles. Then everything was silent for a moment, before a single chant seemed to catch the wind. Its wasnt a roar but a sullen chant, filled with rage and blood thirst.

"The Angband has come, Let your lords come forth!"
"Khorne has spoken, blood will be spilt this day!"

From the dust they came, World Eaters, rushing forward from all directions. The Space Wolves hunkered behind their Rhinos, waiting for the Berzerkers to come closer for the counter attack but just as they were preparing for the assault strange beasts of Chaos rode forward from the flanks each bearing a Chaos Marine upon it. The Marines wielded strange looking Melta weapons and before they could be stopped made the Rhinos into smoldering ashes, the explosion killing a few of the Marines hiding behind them. Their cover gone the World Eaters rushed into their lines.

The Wolves Of Russ are the most ferocious of Space Marine Chapters but to Fight the World Eaters was to face carnage on an unbelievable scale. Only Sanguinius' sons were able to hold back the World Eaters the Sagas said and now the terrors of ten thousand years past were upon them. Chain Axes raised and fell in archs of gore as more and more of the Space Wolves fell, their years of training and experience tested beyond what they could bear. Many died on each side and Finaly Sorjin and his squad broke free and watched the mahem unfold.

Through the hoard strode a single being, his Armor ancient and covered with Marks of Khorn. Indeed his forhead had a crown upon it and he carried a single Chain Axe,  the head of the weapon must have been the size of a Thunderwolf's head. He tore through the combat, his axe dancing around the weapons of his enemies till he had broken through the line. Six Grey Hunters died in six seconds before him as he screamed his challenge to the Space Wolves. As Sorjin readied his weapon Zordin put a hand on his shoulder. The two rune preists eyes met and Sorjin saw a look of desperation in his master's eyes.

"Go! Warn the others! We will hold them as long as we can. This man isnt mortal, they all arent. Make for Hive Ternius, inform High Command that the Grimnar of Angband walks among men once more!"

With that Zordin and his Grey Hunters charged. Zordin stood before the World Eater Lord and raised his blade in challenge.

"Well, well, what pup does stand before me?" The Grimnar spoke, his words smooth and entirely in opposition to the gore clad figure. "Will you stand before the Annotinted of Khorn?"

"Shut Up! I'll drive you back to the Abyss! I will end this madness before it begins" Zordin Screamed this as he rushed into single combat with the Angband.

As Sorjin rushed away he glanced over his shoulder to see the full might of his masters powers brought to bear. The Angband merely stepped forward and waved the psykers powers away, his crown screaming with a mark of Khorne atop it. In a daft moment he brought his Axe around and decapitated the Rune Priest as the World Eaters finished of the Grey Hunter position.

Sorjin was filled with feelings of Rage and misery, but he had to get out of here, his master was right, they had to be warned. The clouds were scattered by ancient star ships, Battle Barges and Strike Crusisers as old as the Heresy itself entered orbit, their hulls blocking the sun. In the distance Hive Verius lay under the ships as bright beams tore through the heavens, the orbital bombardments had begun...

Five minuites later all that remained of Hive Verius was a flamming ruin, a signal flare of the nightmare to come as Sorjin felt the voices of all 16 billions souls burn in the flames, offerings to Khorne no doubt.

Grimnar Angband, Slayer of Kings, has come to Baron IV and the smoking ruin of Verius was just a sample of the attrocities that are to come. A challenge has been issued to the mortal beings of the Galaxy. He and his World Eaters will be reborn in the Warp, forever bound to their god Khorne but those who fall before him... they will be nothing more then more blood to fill Khorne's endless seas and skulls to be added to His throne.

As Grimnar stared up into the stars he smiled. Heroes will come, and he will face them, he will end them.

The World Eaters have invaded Baron IV and have begun their conquest of the planet. This victory will no doubt draw the other invading forces of Chaos into the St. Benedict system. Grimnar has played his opening hand, how will the mortals respond?

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  1. Flufftastic.

    Good writing matey, nice style and reads well. You do get the flow of what the battle really is, a quick and brutal affair (in this case), I like it.

    Try and grab some pictures on the next game as well!

    Incidently, think I've settled on my jumper list, though nothing fancy, I want to go with as bog standard list as possible and work from there, just simply a libby, x35 marines + 2 priests and 3 squads of devs.