Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh my gosh I actually posted something!

Wow... didn't expect this didn't you internet.

But what happened to me? 7 months or so have gone by but I was doing so well. College, life, and not a lot of 40k games happening. Sad Panda there.
Well new year, new start. The Angband is back and he is taking up his old blog again. But what do you guys have to look forward to if you ever notice this blog again?

Well I have a few projects In the works.

My Divine Intervenion list is getting painted and I have been using it for the few games I am able to play. It is really potent and is currently undefeated. (though there have been a few close calls) Overall it is a very interesting list and I will have pictures of the upencoming painted squads of Grey Knights.

Next up is a new idea that came from last semester, Kroot Mercenaries using the Dark Eldar codex.
Thanks to a few ebay purchases and a few trade offs I am working on a wonderful counts as list that is fitting the background of the old Kroot Mercenaries list.

My Blood mech will be revived as I get this year underway. I will be moving from counts as World Eaters and will be moving towards a Vampire Counts themed Blood Angels army, basically the red thirst overtaking a company of Blood Angels. It will include many of the vampire counts range involves in some way or form to really bring the nature and creepy of the Fantasy world into the 41st millennium.

That is a good start... welcome back internet. I will be posting more now, expect more.

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