Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The rock you break against ...1250

Belial w TH/SS 130pts
Deathwing w 5 TH/SS and CML, apothecary 265pts

Deathwing w 5 TH/SS and CML 235pts

Deathwing w 5 TH/SS and CML 235pts

Deathwing w 5 TH/SS and CML 235pts

Speeder with Multimela ans CML 75pts

Speeder with Multimela ans CML 75pts

Gosh, just when you think you are ready for anything this shows up and humbles you. I'm terrified of a list like this, too much of a rock for one to deal with, and I'm not talking the "rock, paper, scissors" rock, I'm talking the "savage beat you over the head with it while you bleed" rock.

There are 12 missles aiming at 6 targets every turn. 8 of those missiles are on VERY durrible scoring units that will smash most units in assault. One unit has FNP as well, just cause they hate you.



  1. This is very similar to the first 1500 list I wrote up - basically just add 4 more speeders lol.

    This is such a hard list to deal with, I've heard people talk about just "torrent it down with fire" but I had troubles doing that with just 16 terms on the table - and they only had x2 3++'s per squad - he was relying on 4+ cover saves. None of that with this list. Whats worse (or better) is that unlike other "elite" forces, these puppies are fearless, and imo this is one of the key pins to the cogs of making this work. You cant try and take out 2 and PBS' them off the board, they wont run from fire, and you cant fear them. Literally have to wipe them out to a man, and even that last man is potent. A x2 S8 misile wielding fearless maniac with a 2+/3++ S8 stunner in combat.

    I mean lets pitch them against your other 1250 lists, 2 of which I think are v.well balanced, 1 is a solid as rock list (proper rock/paper) and the other is a v.good effort for a list that may not work as well at 1250 (jumpers).

    Jumpers? Cant really see them doing much. DoA and they get charged and wiped out, walk up the table all they are doing is what DW does better (except slower).
    Rock list? No real torrent of fire to deal with them, and I am sure enough S8 shots will imob a LR or two till a deepstriking unit can get combat / multi assault or whatever. No way those marines get out of the AV14.

    The Hybrid Wolves and Mech BA offer a bit more suppresion fire, maybe forcing enough 1's and 2's to whittle squads down, but even when I was shooting vs 16 of these guys (+3 LR's) it took me a full 7 turns to kill 14 + 2 LR's - and thats with 1750 points. Tough. And would the TWC want to deal with anything, especially fearless TH/SS terms that they cant charge and hope to run down.

    I'd be interested to see what at 1250 can deal with it? Fight fire with fire maybe? A Vulkan list? Doubt it. Imperial Guard gun line might have enough fire + bubble wrap. Hard to say.

    Oh and despite my post saying I wasnt going to make them ... I am grim lol. I'll post up my Ravenwing test biker later (in my colour scheme ofcourse!) I'd like some thoughts on something with that guy actually.

    I only need to convert like 10 guys arms to run this list! I'd be seriously tempted to get it out soon.

    But yeah. Think this army is fast on its road to becoming my guilty pleasure, no matter how much I try to deny it.

  2. I myself intend to build an all Terminator army myself... just wont paint Deathwing.

    ThunderHammer Terminators are my favorite models from the GW Range just short of Berzerkers and

    I'll defiantly make a fun conversion army from them... lets just say I hope to put the Egyptian conversion parts from Scribor to good use. I wont do Thousands Sons though, not a red Chapter (tired of painting red). Mostly a nice deep pyramid yellow with the modeling works.