Friday, January 28, 2011

Deldar vs GrimnarWing

So for the Campain I was able to get back into the swing. I moved back to my Logan Wing for the campaign, while the Jumpers looked like a cool list, they force me to play in only one direction and after one year of the amazing reactive play style of the Logan Wing It's starting to get on my nerves. Also It will take me forever to buy all the Sanguinary jumpacks to get the army finished and I'd rather use a fully painted army then a grey army.

I'm also taking Logan Wing to the Nova, I cant think of any other list I would take to such an event, besides, Purgatus will be there most likely and we can have our arguments about Logan wing Setups. This will mean making the army really nice looking. I have 20 new Berzerkers being painted to the best of my abilities and I will defiantly rebuild my Lone Wolves and make them really look like the Blood Seekers they are. One thing I notice about  my army is that anywhere I take them people are always looking over my toys and they all seem to be impressed, after I play them they always agree that this army is a well done counts as army. That is what I'm looking for and receiving and when I step out to the Nova I intend to fight with the army I love.

Now my game for the week was against a nice dude named Kim. He was playing his New Dark Eldar army for the first time. He had a few painted and they were amazing, I know I should start to bring my camera... I was playing against the new Deldar codex for the first time so we both learned things...especially after we rolled out a spearhead capture and control mission...hate this one so badly.

He learned that Wracks do not work against Lone Wolves.
He also learned that 6 Reavers with 2 Caltrops are awesome against Logan Wings
I learned that Deldar can torrent me like its nobodies buisness.
I also learned that Deldar vehicles are made of paper, no wonder he was trying to kill my Long Fangs...
And we both learned that an Archon with a huskblade and shadowfeild vs a Thunderwolf with a Powerfist and storm shield  is a majorly boring fight (they were fighting for THREE TURNS!!!)

The whole game ended in a draw though... Great game and was really close.

I like the New Deldar codex... seems like a fun to play army and we both cant wait for the rematch.

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  1. Good stuff, DE are certainly an army I need to get more games in against. Any chance of a bit more detailed battle report? Any info is good info!

    Sad to see you go back to Loganwing! lol. Thought I was about to have a BA Mech brother! ;D.

    Get some pictures up of your new bits aswell dude.