Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I should post something...should'nt I

So it has been forever since I posted something, thats a shame I have to say.

But I hope to write more as I get started with my Summer project,

Here's the catch though, I was going to do the Pre Heresy Thousand Sons, I love there background and all that and I have a cool paint scheme for them and everything. Then I saw the codex and everything changed..

Grimnar Angband's Grey Knight Review:

While I think they can be rather competitive, I have a few problems:

1) The model rang is limited. The entire army is going to look very repetitive with little difference at the competitive level. The model range is not that varied and I dont see the flavor of them.

2) I dont like Cortez. When a vast majority of Grey Knight armies have more henchmen then Grey Knights I just sigh.

3) The army functions at rate that in my opinion doesn't fit the Thousand Sons. It's a lot of relying on Psycannon to kill stuff, not the psychic powers that I see in the Horus Heresy.

And finally the one reason I chose not to play them...

4) I don't like the play style. If you have had a chance to look at the codex you will realize how they play, I dont have the time to write an entire codexs strategies. Just know that I am not having fun with them on the board, so there out.

Sad...But I hold no regrets.

Now for a new project...

I will be building an army over the summer for my future years at college so I have been looking over the requirements for what I want and need.

The Army Must be relatively inexpensive

The army Must fit in 1 army case (so little to no vehicles)

Must be competitive to a good degree

Must have fun modeling aspects

Must be able to last long without any great change in models

Must be fun and challenging on the tabletop

Here are the two options I have whittled down to.

Taking Elite to a new Level
I always liked this army, I've always liked Thunder Hammer/Storm Shields (since 4th edition when they sucked), and from what I gathered they wont be changing for a while and can give anyone a run for their money. I can have fun making Belial and tricking out the army and will have the flavor of an old school army.

Second option is...

Space Vikings are angry
I have been using my World Eaters to represent this army and I love the way this army plays. I could finally build it using the real models to play an army I already love. The downside, the army has a weird color scheme and it will be a couple of years before playing Spacewolves doesn't get me nasty looks. (why cant people just move on)

So What do you guys think? If you want to recommend something else as well I'm all ears. Dark Eldar might be a possibility if I can swing a deal an pick up 8-9 old fashion raiders and ravagers (and old incubi, I like them better than the new ones for some reason)

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