Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wow... Where have I been?

Goodness, It feels like I have been gone for a year and a halve.

Where was I...

Well life caught up with me and I just couldn't think about war games for a few months.

But now that is over and I am back O beloved interwebs. And just in time for my new project,

Pre Heresy for the WIN!

Yes I am now working on a Pre Heresy Thousand Sons force based on the war of Prospero!
With the Grey Knight codex coming I thought I would try to paint something new and not as gory as my World Eaters. I find their background tragic and interesting and I would love to be able to represent them on my tables. I also can find background and a few models people have made of them but have yet to see a full army built around them. This I wish to change with my project.

Over the summer I intend to have a full army with units such as.

Ahriman/ Keeper of the Book of Magnus

Scarab Occult Terminators/ will be the core of the army

Pre Heresy Thousand Sons/ PA Grey Knights

Pre Heresy Dreadnought/ Not sure wether this will be a Dreadknight or a normal dreadnought

Maybe Prospero PDF in the form of henchmen/ not likly

Land Raider/ If I have the points

Detailed background Army List with pictures and artwork depicting the Prospero campaign.

This should keep me busy for the summer. I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I know my first two test models are looking wonderful and I still am waiting for the arival of some Chapterhouse toys I ordered.

What can you expect? The usual me as I take the Grey Knight Codex apart and explain my thoughts about it. I will go over what I think works and honestly doesn't while I bring the ancient sons of Magnus to life on the table.

From dust the ancient memories rise


  1. Nice! Good to see you back. While you were away I was spreading my anti-power fist/pro-Wolf Claw propaganda unopposed!

  2. Love it man.

    I am going to do a pre-heresy army once I've "finished" my GK's - but will be a night lords count as ba's or world eaters ;D !

    Glad to see you back - I've been getting games in thick and fast, and got another WIP going up in a couple of hours - but these are seriously back dated, quite far ahead with my DW.

    Can't wait to see the WIP stuff on this, TS have a great scheme and I think even the dated models for them look fantastic - and they have brilliant fluff - having been reading about the Chaos stuff past few months - come to realise that outside of DA's and GK's they probably have my favourite stories (prob because nearly every story is centric around them and demons). So yeah for me the plan is a pre-heresy army w/ demons at the same time kind of thing.

  3. Dont like purg, you've been on a crazy nids spree of late!

  4. This is a great idea! I never would have thought to use GK for 1kSons but it matches up really well when you think about it.