Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day...Bloody fist.

I had a wonderful time at the tourney. Instead of a 6 man event we ended up with 11 so it was a huge success!

I came in second place, along with two other people...bothersome draw system.

I won my first two games and by rather unlikly rolls drew the next two.

Still, for a guy who hasnt played 1000pts in over 2 years I gave a wonderful show for myself.

My army was voted the most efficient by the majority of the players there and it was all painted so I had fun.

I intend to write about the games and give you an Idea of what I liked and what I didn't.

My Blood mech played exactly like it was planned to. If the dice didnt fail me I would have taken first. But I still feel glad for second place... it was wonderful practice for me and I won a Dark Angel codex as my loot so I can plan my Deathwing. Good weekend indeed.

I also will right a segment on the list that won my respect in more ways then one.

I can give you a hint: The list flies.


  1. Grats, man! Glad to see the list performed well, I might borrow it for a small cities campaign we are running at 1k points ;)