Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1250 + Escalation challenge: Wolves or Vampires?

So my Local hobby shop is working an escalation league over April and May which starts at 1250 and slowly works to 2000.

The set up for the first two weeks though are increadibly annoying though as the FOC is supper restricked to only max one of any chart section except for troops which can get up to three choices. i have one extra slot I can use to make me able to take an extra slot anywhere. Other rules include:

No models with more then 2 wounds (troops and Swarms are alright though)

You can be a Psyker but you cant use a power that requires a psycic test?

No 2+ or 2++ (??Poor Deathwing??)

No vehicles with Armor value over twelve on any facing. Dedicated transports are excempt to this rule. (Well there goes my Blood mech but at least I can have fun bringing 3 Landraiders with BA assault Squads Hehe)

No Monstrous Creatures ( F.U Nids and Deamons WE HATE YOU!!!)

No Special/Unique/Names Character (again i feel bad for Deathwing/ Ravenwing/Nipple Wing/ DraigoWing and all of the other fun stuff)

Now why the hell would a YTTH junky like me care at all about this and paerticipate? Because if i can make it through the first two weeks I will be fine.

Now the only question that remains is whether I want to run my World Eaters as Blood Angels or as Space Wolves. They are two entirely fun and different armies and I would love to be able to play both but I have to pick one. If i choose Blood Angels it will be Blood Mech in the end while Space Wolves will be rocking the Logan Wing.

I think I will see what I can come up with and I'll post a list soon. But if you want to give me a little encouragement in one or another direction I'll see what i can do ^_^.

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