Friday, October 29, 2010

How I Work this Thing: Part1

I was going to finish writing about how awesome the Warstore Weekend was but I'll have to get to it latter as I want to cover this stuff before I forget.

How my Army Works!!!

I want to write this not as some kind of tactics of lesson for anybody, if you want to learn how to be good at the game then you should go check out here. No joke this is where I went from a poor player playing with three Land Raiders full of Berzerkers to playing nice, flowing, (and tactically sane) armies. The reason I am writing this is mainly to help myself (how selfish of me ^_^). I learned when I was young that the best way to memorizing things and learning is to write them down in your own words. This is my goal. I've been playing this army since I almost went to Ard Boyz before the summer, somewhere in febuary. That means that I've been playing this army for about 7 months over about 36ish games and in over 3 tournaments, I should know how it works.This is like the final exam for me, to test wether I've been listening and learning from my mistakes and victories. This will talk about where I started and what works and doesnt. I'll even throw some pictures and hobby aspects in as well, an army is as important being painted well as it is in playing. It helps that I am slowly building and painting about twenty new Berzerkers for my armies, the last time I painted a Berzerker was two years ago. This what I'm doing, by doing it on the Blog you all (all three of you) can come along for the ride.

So here we go, you'll be seeing  these How I Work These Things articles and a few fun things thrown in coming up.

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