Thursday, November 15, 2012

Webway Raiders...

 Well, now we are into my side projects at the time. I started with Eldar by buying a box of Harlequins and have since fallen in love with them. The Death Jester now holds the position as my best painted model ever right now.

Look at them legs!

First clown, just amazing quality if I have to say so. Love the base and everything.

This one was my first attempt at freehand and it came out really well.

Its always smiling!

This guy is my best right now. I cant believe I was able to get a model to this level.

Its all a wonderful joke...a killing joke...

My farseer I'm working on... front


random warlock

his back

My wraith lord, I liked exploring the colors for this piece.

These guys are on a turning point. I am heavily tempted to make a Harlequin themed army out of this. It will be a fun force based of interesting tricks and honestly one of my favorite tricks in the entire game mechanics at the moment. Besides with 6th there is alot of ideas I could run with.

Tomorrow I will be going over a few side models here and there and future plans. Then I'll be introducing army lists and tactics and all that good stuff.

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