Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grey Knights painted and ready...

Well I have got the beginning of my Divine intervention list down and running and are now enjoying the wonders of painting. My first semester at college was long and getting used to life was challenging and I was forced to use my Grey Knights in the cruel grey of plastic. Now though I have some actually painted. The first thing you might notice is that they are GREY not METAL. I did that on purpose because I hate metallic colors. I prefer to use greys and shades of yellows to achieve the golds and silvers. Heres the rundown. Enjoy!

First Squad of 5 Terminators led by Justicar Thawn

A close up of Anval Thawn, a very entertaining model

He stands out thanks to his Inquisition cape

Two Servo Skulls for when I get the Inquisitor finished

My first Strike/Interceptor squad

I give them the Interceptor backpacks with the top part off to allow me some flexibility in what I want from them

My first 5 Paladins, These guys have been without a doubt my favorite unit  in Warhammer 40k so far, they are just awesome on the battle feild and you can expect a post discussing them soon.

My first Paladin, pity the picture is a little fuzzy, the lava bases really are nice though

Second paladin, every one has a halo skull to differentiate them from the regulars, The heads are also  Purifyer heads, the Paladin heads look too big and silly for my taste.

First time seeing my master crafted Psycannon, all my paladin squads have them, very useful...

My Paladin Keeper of Sancity with the Deamon Hammer. He is holding the Grimmor of True Names in his left hand and banishing the deamon with his right. First Grey Knight model I built and defiantly one of my favorites.

Second Psycannon Paladin, he also has a warriors of chaos head which I thought looked fitting. The master crafted psycannons are for the most part plasticard of the Psilencer gun. They fit and really draw the eye.

Air view of the second psycannon terminator, just was a well done model.
Check back for more updates...

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