Sunday, January 22, 2012

Storm Brick to Storm Raven...

So I picked up a Storm Brick recently, and I call it a storm brick due to the current state of fail I hold to the model. I hate the normal Storm Raven model... horrible model, it looks like a solid brick with wings (hence the name). Now I don't want to let a bad model be bad... lets see what I could come up with. I also will be using it with my Blood Vampires so I decided to pick up the gorgeous new Coven Throne to sprew it up. Enough though for the blabber, lets get on with it.

First the very pricy box sets
This is hard have help before trying...

I Started by replacing the cockpit with the Coven Throne which will have a vampire marine and his vampire chicks mounted on it

Getting some work done with Plastic card, 

This is actualy the first time using plastic card in large amounts and I'm proud of the outcome I have to say...
extending the back so it doesnt look like such a failure of an airplane.
Looking better I have to say...

Looking better and better

Here is the final outcome with a few words of my own thrown in.

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