Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unexpected visit...

So last night I caught the mother of all fevers. I rarly get sick so the few times I catch anything I always end up in the loony bin. I got very little sleep as I was too busy having a serious discussion about my involvement fighting the Nazis in the Civil War with my pillow and discussing theology with my bookshelf. Yeah, thank God I have a patient mother.

It wasnt all bad though as I was hallucinating that I was talking to a couple Grey Knight and I was able to get my thoughts out on their new codex. They gave me a lot of advise ( by then the Loony bin wasn't even close to describing my predicament) and for a bunch of hallucinations weren't as grimdark as I thought they would be.

I have seen the army list for the Grey Knight and I built and tested a sample list before the fever caught me against my BloodMech and it looked like this.

Grand Master: random stuff, just wanted his "make stuff troop" ability.

5 Paladins, wound allocation stuff, FNP, psycannon

5 Terminators w psycannon, deamon hammer

5 Terminators w psycannon, deamon hammer

5 Terminators w psycannon, deamon hammer

10 Devestators w 4 psycannons

10 Devestators w 4 psycannons

Total 1850ish

It fought my  BloodMech and it was an interesting fight to say the least. It was five objective, I got a 5 on my Grandmaster roll making everything scoring and I had a good game to say the least. Psycannons are 24 inch guns so I am finding the Grey Knights to be a middle boarding army and if you can get those guns into the right places...well lets just say my wall of Armor 13 couldnt take the heat. I run Mephiston in my 1850 BloodMech and I would like to point out how annoying an entire army of force weapon weilding models can be for someone like him. I drowned the enemy with the 48 Psycannon rounds my army drops, it really is scary. Watch out Bully, these guys really hate us.

ThoughI have to say... Paladins aren't anywhere near what I was looking forward to. They are OK in combat but SUCK when being shot at. I say they are ok in combat because at the price of the unit it is swinging with two str 4 power weapon attacks each, they have FNP ( but anyone trying to kill them will be using power weapons or Ap 2 weapons anyway). For what they cost I'm actually afraid of Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Terminators fighting these guys. And no the "2++ in combat" is too expensive to be worthwhile.

The one true weakness of the Grey Knights is that they die just like marines when shot. Thats the big difference though with a standard Grey Knight armed with a power weapon and a stormbolter only being 20pts I dont think this is going to be as "super elite" as people say. I took terminators due to keeping my Thousand Sons fluff but each of thouse squads could turn into 10 more Grey Knight combat squading with double the Psycannon hate. The price of the Paladins could give me 20 more Grey Knights on top of that. Thats 50 more body and 64 Psycannon shots!!!

Elite army my butt. ^_^

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  1. I am interested to see what people come up with for the lists,

    For me I am guessing something between a Loganwing and a hybrid wolves list - plenty of psycannons - prob a couple of squads of jokero in chimera's for the melta - and a big purifier squad for my "combat punch" and to move forward with my smaller squads - prob in rhinos.

    I am yet to get my hands on a book yet (I would have been able to on sat but was busy :/) so not sure about HQ choice atm - I like the GKM but with him in term armor he's expensive to just have sat at the back of my field as a counter punch.

    Hope I can get my hands on some leaked one during the week :/