Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How I Work this Thing: Part3

Taking "Death or Glory" to a hole new level
Well, time to continue my series of how to take advantage of a list like a Logan Wing.

How I Work this Thing: Part3
This time I'm talking about Lone Wolves. These are small one man Space wolf units that are surprisingly under classed by most Wolf players. I cant understand how people not see the use in these units. Lets look and see what we find.

Well we have a twenty point model with Feel No Pain, Fearless, two wounds, weapon skill 5, Eternal Warrior and enough upgrades possible to choke a horse. At first glance they look rather unimposing, no ones afraid of a special sargent walking around. They merely fill up an elite choice and over all aren't very mobile. What people need to do though is to stop just looking at the basic guy, lets give him some fun toys to play around with and see what comes of it.

I'm gonna use my favorite and give him a Chain Fist and a Storm Shield in Terminator armor. That gives us an 85pts model with 2 wounds, a 2+ armor save, a 3+ invulnerable save, Eternal warrior, and Feel No Pain super hero to go around. For how much he costs he fights and has the durability of  heroes from other armies. He is without a doubt a steal for the price you pay for him.I have thrown them at everything and he ends up winning against everything short of a Mega Death Squad of Doom, but then again, why would I attack that unit with just one guy? Get my drift, Lone Wolves are priceless interceptor units for squads moving to attack you. They have absorbed the charge of full Blood Angel Assault squads with their Furious Charging priests, have torn the throats out of Trygons, one of them even beat down Abbadon (still not sure how that worked out). When these guys do find a foe greater then them they can on average buy me a turn to get ready to receive the enemy, damaging them somewhat with their Chain Fists.

Now, some of you might say that as he is footslogging and is in truth just one guy. I get over that by taking three of them. Unless you want to take wolf guard in a non Logan lead army three Lone Wolves can give you for a cheap 255pts three super heroes charging up the battle field.

Whats your opponent going to do, Ignore them? From my experience this is exactly what they try to do, especially in kill point games. My opponents always underestimate these guys. They hear "85pts" and usually don't pay much attention. They focus on the Thunderwolves and the long fangs and before they know it my lone wolves are eating the heart out of their battle line, buy then it is too late to stop them.  I don't worry about them in kill point games, people still have to kill them if they are killing their stuff, ignoring them wont stop them (never does). I have most of the time six turns to have each of them kill at least one kill point each, or die. I've yet to give all three kill points to my opponent, without taking 5 kill points back.

These guys are the ultimate distraction unit, a living example of the Multiple Small Unit approach to building a list because if they kill something in a victory points game, most likely it will be more points then the Lone Wolf (since when do we see less then 85pt units short of transports)., if they die well you just lost 85pts, whooptidoo there's two more running around.

If you want to also have fun, for ten points give them a dog or two, nothing ticks your opponent of when they fire at you and all you do is allocate the dangerous shots into the wolves on the way in. In combat as the FAQ says they act as a separate unit you can use them to make your opponent waste their models attacks on the dogs. Too many times have my opponents power fist have to swing at a dog instead of the Lone wolf, when will people learn to keep their Sargent in the middle or back of the unit.

If anything I want you guys to give these guys a try, maybe even tell me what you think. I know I got a number of people and a judge or two to rethink the power of the Lone Wolfs, there was many a page turning as people studied my Codex to see if the Lone wolves are as awesome as they were hearing. The rumors were true, proved on the battlefield over many corpses.

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